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Many of our clients come to us dissatisfied with a previous property management experience. Some of these managers may mean well but simply lack the time and resources to meet the needs of their clients and their properties. This leaves the owners sad, angry and frustrated.  

What is going on at my property


Let’s  face it,  being a landlord is not so simple.  And trying to own an income property today with all of the regulations, cost and fees and having to deal with repair issues can be a headache.

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Most property management is done about the same as when the fax machine was introduced.  Property managers have integrated technology into their systems in various ways, creating a patchwork of systems that do not communicate with one another and more communications tools than they can manage.  This all leads to your manager becoming over tasked, trying to do too many things and doing them all inefficiently.




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JW Real Management wiped the slate clean and started with a simple formula to identify the needs of the clients and the technology available to create all new solutions to age old problems.  By starting fresh we were able to use technology and innovativeness to their fullest to meet the needs of our property owners while maintaining the affordability of our services.

New Property Management

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Addressing new solutions from an all new direction JW Management identified what is most vital to effective property management and what was most important to the property owners.  From this information and the formula that Quality Tenants + Quality Management = Happy Owners we formed FocalPoints.




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serves as the framework for an all new approach to managing properties.  No longer do you have to rely on the inefficiencies of property management companies relying on outdated methods and misuse of technology.  JW Real Management has taken the core needs of the property and owners and created the departments and systems around achieving them.  Giving each member of a team the function and responsibility for focused tasks of limited and related scope to prevent inefficiencies and over-tasking.  Then we provide them the technologies and systems to focus on their primary responsibilities and enhance their effectiveness even further.

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 With the evolution of technology we are flooded with various communications options.




Instant Messaging

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Despite all these methods  making it easier to send a message, the end result is poor communication, lost messages and unhappy owners.  JW Real Management has rewritten the book on communications and created systems to solve this problem without restricting the ability of owners and tenants to communicate when and how they want.

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Increase ROI on my property

Finally there is a choice that gives you a premium product without the premium price tag. Selecting a company to manage your valuable assets is not one to be made lightly. Take a look at our service features and you will see that we have built into our services the solutions you have been looking for, and now you have found them – ALL IN ONE PLACE!


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Property Management Services


We accept any type of payment except cash. OUR ADVANCED, PROPRIETARY AUTOMATED & ELECTRONIC RENTAL PAYMENT SYSTEM means tenants are able to pay online with ACH “or mail” us money orders or checks…Read More

We accept all forms of government program payments, direct deposit and even bank deposit if required. All this assures owners maximum options to help eliminate late payments and subsequent evictions.


Our FastTrack program is a feature that we created to move each property through various stages of it’s lifecycle. We use this for new properties and those going through a new tenant or any change in status…Read More

FastTrack is essentially a computer based interactive and integrated checklist for managing our LifeCycle feature to increase the speed and efficiency of our internal processes and external communications and interactions.


Along with Communication, FastTrack, and FocalPoints, LifeCycles is a core feature around which we have built all other features and the outline for how we manage your property…Read More

LifeCycles is how we provide the “Focus” to each of the key focal points. A mini business plan and checklist for each property at each phase as it works its way through the lifecycles of Entry, Maintenance, Marketing, and Tenancy.

Remote Access

Remote access is a tool we use in marketing your property to provide almost instant access to prospective tenants while protecting the security of your property through video monitoring, recording and identification checks…Read More

Property Marketing – Our marketing team works together creating efficient campaigns and aggressively attacking all major real estate websites to generate the best exposure in the industry.


We aim to maximize your ROI in any market. We are knowledgeable about the real estate market, and have developed our services with your satisfaction and your investment as our priority.

Reporting and Accounting

We disclose all information to our clients to generate a relationship based on trust. We believe that clients should interact with their assets and have all access to vital accounting and regular reporting.


We are proficient in eviction process, since we have all the tools needed to initiate all types of legal actions. We have both inhouse services and external legal resources to cover all types of legal actions required by your property ownership.


As an owner or tenant you would have access to all your contract or lease information, ledger payments and charges and maintenance history through your portal which will be available online wherever you are.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we market your property?
We use advanced technology to market your property. Programs that target every major rental website, giving the most exposure possible to your property. Our goal is the same as yours, renting the property in the shortest period of time so we can increase your ROI.
How do we find quality tenants?
We tackle all requirements when qualifying a tenant. We utilize the background screening of prospects, credit checks, previous residence history and a detail bank account with proof of income.
Can you pay my monthly property bills for me?
Yes. We can if you want us to we can pay any of your property related bills through our automated payment systems and automatically add this to your accounting.
Can you start managing my properties today?
Yes. We can start the process immediately. We have a highly automated process, so you can get set up with us within minutes, and not hours or days.
How do I get started?
Click on the Get Started link at the bottom of every page.



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