We must all go and find Hughes.

Prakash took a book out of his briefcase.

I don't want her getting upset.

She is loved by him.

He's never been better.

He leaves you breathless.

Some unexpected difficulties have arisen.

Marco signed the papers that Sekar asked him to sign.

Angela Merkel was named TIME's Person of the Year for 2015.

Dear woman, why do you involve me? Jesus replied.

Let's qualify this gin with tonic water.

I know who we're dealing with.


You should not judge people by their appearance.


Give me your sidearm.


You want to know what I know, don't you?

Vernon stood up and headed for the door.

Don't waste my time.

He burst the door open and nearly took it off the hinges.

Your order is ready.

You haven't mentioned cost, and I won't sign until I know the bottom line.

"Aw man... I know how much it sucks to have your parents get divorced..." "Are you saying that your parents are also divorced?" "Yep. Last I checked, my mom was somewhere in Europe."


It is a great pleasure being with you.


Micah sliced the tomatoes.

I want to see your supervisor.

You are expected to do a good job.


To get technical information from that company, we first have to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Kate came to America as a stowaway on a ship.

Give egg so that you receive ox.

Does the school have a library?

Elliott was the first to speak.


Kid, don't touch the mirror!

Love conquers hate.

I never got around to cleaning out the garage today.


Money does not always bring happiness.

I found that he was a kind man.

This neighborhood is violent.


You don't need to do that now.


We all shall die sooner or later.

In many old movies the heroine is always the one to die.

I don't believe them.


You're just the person we've been looking for.

Man, you're something!

Pravin puts the boys to sleep.

I'm too young to die!

Jeffie had the life of his dreams.

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He visited Kyoto last year.

You talked to Jesper, didn't you?

Can you keep the noise down?

In which town are you?

And like many small towns in England, it has quite a long history.


When I was young, I would often watch baseball.


A lie is a lie, no matter how you spin it.

I just want to get away.

Won't you please send this letter by Express Mail?

We don't do that.

We can't get out. Someone locked the door from the outside.


Mother, I'm sorry for causing you trouble all the time.


He was tired so he went to bed.

The district is abundant in natural resources.

I am no longer your teacher. (male)

Happy birthday, Dad.

Not a word did she say to me.

Moses got hit by a car.

Merton is sensitive, isn't he?

I wonder how Rudy will get out of that mess.

He went again.


I think that's common knowledge.

This escapes my jurisdiction.

I could not afford to pay back my debt.

These books will make your work easier.

Sharks are good swimmers.


I don't hate my sister.

I have never been there myself.

He acquitted himself well.


When did he get back?

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We do what we want to do.

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I'm not Uyghur. I'm Russian.

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I cleared up my desk.

What's the best way to keep yourself from yawning?

Some students in this university don't even know how to talk to teachers.

There is a threat of rain in the dark sky.

We can still talk to her.

I fell in love with her at first sight.

Your dog may be really depressed.

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Saiid is now 13 years old.


Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe.


I didn't even know you knew.

We'll begin the meeting when Ozan get here.

This tastes pretty good to me.

We want it back.

Why don't you get on with your job?


Intermittent flashes of lightning illuminated the dark gloom of the forest.

Officers will henceforth wear ties at dinner.

He wants to make up and you should meet him halfway.


This is what's happening.

Don't let him shut this door.

To write a love letter in English is not easy.

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According to him, she is not coming.


How is your new flat?

Aurelie is a young shepherdess.

We already covered that.

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Wolfgang and Mysore saw themselves in the mirror that was hanging on the wall.


Let's give up on our plan to eat at that restaurant.

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Love is a sickness full of woes, All remedies refusing.

I will be at home tomorrow.

I don't have to go right away.

Tanaka got lost in the woods and ended up in someone's backyard.

I gave Alex a fake address.

I knew I shouldn't have put off doing my homework until the last minute.

I never asked for this.


I'll call him later.

You'll stay here tonight.

I'm afraid I can't afford to buy a new car.

There's still a possibility that that'll happen.

If you want to understand yourself, just look how the others carry on. If you want to understand the others, look into your own heart.

He feels at home.

May I see that again?


I'm pretty sure it's true.

Joubert doesn't only teach the guitar, he often gives concerts.

I think Brender has a drinking problem.


In point of fact it is difficult to foresee the destiny of people.

Pristina is the capital of Kosovo.

I was going to call him today.

Mr Young has no less than six cars.

You won't remember any of this in a couple of years.

Tuan has been practicing the piano two or three hours a day.

I exercise because I want to stay healthy.

So that we can see how much we overeat, our stomach is on the same side as our eyes.

I started liking Kazuhiro as soon as I met her.

Naim has made up his mind to quit smoking.

Just try and stop me.

A king's daughter is a princess.

I don't want to cause any inconveniences.


I came early in order to get a good seat.

I wouldn't dare ask for a raise.

Marie didn't dare to open his mouth.

We have some guys on our team who can't speak French.

I haven't eaten in a while.

Her lecture was completely over my head.

Tell me about your wife.


This is an interesting thing.


I think I'll take Christina to Boston with me.

He was at dinner.

A light, airy puff flows from this perfume.

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Seenu deposited some money in the bank.

This ship is driven by steam.

I wonder why she didn't tell him about it.

I acknowledge my mistake.

Opportunities of time vouchsafed by Heaven are not equal to advantages of situation afforded by the Earth, and advantages of situation afforded by the Earth are not equal to the union arising from the accord of Men.


Casper never really thought about those kinds of things.

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Blaine threw Kristen's letter into the fire.


He was wide awake.

Jeany is out shopping.

I went to America to study.

Nobody knows that it belonged to Yamada.

I wish you'd told me we were having company.

To read books is important.

Gil doesn't need to worry about that happening.