Micky is going to see Gary today.

Sorry, we are closed.

What do you think now?

I was cured of my drinking habit.

She can speak English, of course.

She does not like green peppers.

Sanand doesn't want to live in Boston.

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Don't take that away from Hirofumi.


Is Magnus looking for us?

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Jonathan took part in a promotional event.

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I know how hard it's been.

I didn't kill Kusum.

Why don't we go to the bookstore on foot?

Would you like to study with me?

I can only hope that in time you'll forgive me.


Unfortunately, my neighbor was involved in a traffic accident, and is currently in a coma.

Hi, we are calling to report a missing person.

Ramiro nodded affirmatively.

She is like a sister to me.

Cliff says he actually enjoys dancing.


Doors aren't as bad as you think.

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Since I'm no longer young, I can't do that anymore.


You are asked to refrain from smoking until the sign is switched off.

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Were all of these in the same bag?


The group of noisy boys was getting out of hand.

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It is not a dog.

I would do many things.

There are always more people who want to fix someone else's mistakes than those who want to do something on their own.

The tree is sick.

What're you going to do on Friday?

In this way, the students of the University have the opportunity to expand their cultural horizons.

Well said!

After a long wait in line, she was told she should get a certified copy of her birth certificate as identification.

This desk is broken.


Women's rights are human rights.

May I open the window?

Piete stood at the door, flipping the light switch on and off.


Tell Bucky that I'm hungry.


Please, give me one of your pictures.


Every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after midnight.

We'll contact Gunnar.

"Do you love him?" "What?" "Do you love him?" "That's none of your business!"

Ragnar is still very groggy.

I'm going to bed early today.

I'm sure you all read about it.

Three of my children died.

There is a second way to define the Gabriel-Roiter measure which may be more intuitive.

I fell in love with Trying.

Diego is from Colombia. He is Colombian.

You would do well to tell it to him in advance.

We're holding an opening sale today.

I blame him for our failure in the negotiations.

I want to go to the moon.

We've had a great week.

It's very likely he'll come.

It is foolish that scientists tend to be pernickety.

You can't keep it from me forever.

It is a good idea to plan your route before you leave.


It's strange, but the door opened on its own.

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That time has passed.

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Pratt wants to borrow some money from you.

My thanks in advance for not opening the windows.

The car veered from its course.

I don't plan on telling you anything.

I'll write it on the blackboard.

I couldn't help but follow her.

Steen is at least a head taller than me.

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She has no sense of beauty.


Omar has got quite a temper.


I met her in the winter.

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That's the best way we can do now.

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You're a good guy.

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John grew up to be a great artist.

The neighbourhood was cut in two by the highway.

Blair's conduct is a reflection on the way he was brought up.

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It has been snowing for two days.

Are you going in?

Why aren't you in uniform?

What is your philosophy?

He was sent abroad as a correspondent.


Before you go to visit him, you should make sure he's at home.

He wouldn't believe us.

Dead men tell no tales.

I will go to the sea if it is fine tomorrow.

Don't cause a scene now.

English will take you a long time to master.

Marlena didn't care if he won or not.

We should do that.

She suggested going to the cinema to us.

This is one of the jobs I have to do every day.

Johann is the only one with the key to this cabinet.


The news is good today.

I decided to come to Japan last year.

That was an excellent putt.

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You're not going to get away with it.


America is a large country and its people are mobile.


Somebody knows that.

I didn't know how to speak French at that time.

We must move this statue very carefully.

She was on the verge of tears.

Why do you always do this?

I am afraid she may have lost her way.

He grew up in small towns in Texas.

She knows how to ask questions, and how to answer them.

Would you mind doing me a favour?

Jayesh is sure to come tomorrow.

Maria works at the corner store.

She was longing to hear from him.

I'll never get used to this.

What is the name of this restaurant?

This medicine will do you a good deal of good.

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Dimitry is very grumpy tonight, isn't he?

It'll be fine, Hillary. It's just a storm.

You're in serious trouble.

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What he likes is jelly.


You were in danger.

I know where you can find her.

It makes things easier if your matrix is sparse.


Everyone ignored him.


I think this translation is incorrect.

He's very angry with her.

I suppressed a yawn.

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He was happy to hear her voice.


There he remained.

I need a flight that leaves on Monday afternoon.

Stay with me here.

But let not this blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism.

She was surprised that he appeared.

Luke asked Kurt and her friends for help.

I don't think any of them know.

What can you tell me about Judge?

You didn't give me a chance.


A passing car splashed my coat with water.

"Open! I say," repeated Geppetto, "or I'll give you a sound whipping when I get in."

You're the strong one.

Prices are lower in Kobe.

I like that about you.

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Larry started to put his coat on, but then decided to stay a bit longer.

I am going to play tennis next Sunday.

My eyelid feels hot.


That's why I have to do this.

We heard the echo of our voices from the other side of the valley.

I left your book in the car.

I don't know how many people there were.

I'm disappointed that I wasn't able to go with her.


He's feeling tired after German class.

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I'm still an old bachelor and that won't change any time soon.


She is really a good singer.


I'd like my coffee weak.

Cliff gave me a really cool gift.

I don't know who Scott is.

Curtis took off his gardening gloves.

Have you talked to him yet?

I need to ask a few questions.

It is too expensive.