We shouldn't have come.

Pratapwant was killed in an accident.

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She thanked him for his help.


You're not above the law.


What are you looking for in the darkroom?


The typhoon caused damage in many areas.

Some of the girls laughed.

You should always try your hardest.

Everyone but Amigo seemed to enjoy the party.

Didn't I mention that?

Tomas reminded us of our duty.

Vern and I have some things to talk about.

I'm the baby of the family.

What's the best way to learn your language? Would you recommend any book?

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I'm sure Rusty was in Boston at that time.

How did the car accident come about?

How do you go there? By car?

Why do I need to do that?

You have no idea what you've missed.

He was not strong enough for being in a relationship with you. That was the reason.

She's every bit an English lady.

I really think you should come.

Maria cooked with fresh ingredients from the garden, and all the meals tasted as if they were full of sunshine.

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Rod stepped on a hornet nest.

Let's give it a try.

I brought you some aspirin.

Vick went to bed as soon as he got home.

Laurel was being questioned by the police in the next room.

Kees hoped to find Gregge at home.

I'm just grateful for the opportunity to help.

She came to herself when she was taken to the hospital.

You should consult him.


Investigators understood why the jet crashed.

The children laughed and screamed, and tumbled over each other, in their efforts to catch him; but luckily he escaped.

We can't let Leonard out of our sight.

Few languages have audio-visual isomorphism.

Jason wanted the job, but he wasn't hired.

I choose what I buy carefully.

I'm not sure if that was meant as a compliment or as an insult.


These ungrammatical sentences resulted from the application of the additional rule F.

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I'm looking for someone who can speak Portuguese.


I failed the tests.

A few days' rest will do you good.

Sandy seems gullible.

We arrived at a hotel in Rome.

How could it not matter?

Today's meeting has been cancelled.

It's been three years since I moved here.

Tatoeba is watching you.

"How about playing catch?" "Sure, why not?"

This is the age of information, and computers are playing an increasingly important role in our everyday life.

It'd look good.


This box is light.

Tell her that I am pegging up the washing.

I don't want Cathrin to see me coming.


He adheres to the Democratic party.

She cared for my children very kindly.

Straka looked around the room, but couldn't see Marilyn.

I was thinking maybe I should go to Boston next summer.

He held off the attackers long enough for reinforcements to arrive.


I feel very strongly about this.


What have you been doing lately?

You know I don't have a car.

You don't really care, do you?

The fine weather added to our pleasure.

The grandmother gives sweets to her grandchildren.

I told Dieter all about what we did yesterday.

I take care of a cat and a dog.

You look like a little girl in that dress.

You were here just the other day, weren't you?

What the hell was that supposed to mean?

Gold golems are guardians used to guard treasure.

Shut up or I'll shut you up!

The tomcat basked in the sun.

The fuck is whatever you think it is.

How much is this sofa?

You have only to give the order.

He went mad on tennis.

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Roxanne pressed the green button and waited for something to happen.


I enjoy working here.

I don't think this movie is interesting.

I know him by sight, but I have never actually spoken to him.

I think I'm going to try again.

I'm sorry I didn't make myself clear.


Timo cut the pie into six pieces.

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Erik said he was working on something important.

Ginny isn't going to sing.

She sat beside me in church.


Look, Floyd, I'm tired of playing games.


Rudy loves coffee.

Is there any problem here?

The child was permitted two pieces of candy.

Will you look over my report?

Let's give it to them.

Don't ignore your subordinates.

You had just enough time to drive to Boston and commit the murder.


The enemy approaches the town.

Serdar will follow you.

I don't regret it one bit.

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I built an amplifier yesterday.

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I'd like to give this to somebody we can trust.


Shean and Dieter come from the same town.

I still believe the Internet is not a place for children.

If anything goes wrong, give me a call.


He is known to everybody as a great ballplayer.

I cannot do without your advice.

You're too young to know what a slide rule is.

Dalton is a fierce competitor.

It is likely to be fine tomorrow.

There's chocolate ice cream in the freezer.

I was disappointed in her.

Can I sleep on the couch?

It doesn't look like the performance is about to end.


I was so drunk last night.

I think this is delicious.

Are you on your way to the station?

Do you think Kemal knows about what we did?

Can you make do with sandwiches for lunch?


We have never done it before.

The music is in balance with the structure of the movie.

I love him who loves me, and hate him who hates me.

Steven poked the fire with a stick.

The play was rather long.

I need you to go to the supermarket for me.

All but you are wrong.


We're pretty busy right now.


Edmond knows quite a lot about Roy.


Some speculators take advantage of the ignorance and helplessness of old people.

We can't judge him; he did what he could.

Last night I went to bed late after writing a letter.

They verbally abused me.

He only drinks that brand of beer.

I have to charge the battery of my car.

I wish you were a fish in my dish.

That's got to be a good sign.

You must be tired after such a long trip.

Nobody knows what happened to the jet.

Novo warned Mikael not to go there with John.

He was very busy all day.

I'd like to see a doctor.

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Darrell saw that Barbara wasn't in the room.

Mr Wood loved Linda dearly.

Get out! Don't play here!

The flash of lightning precedes the sound of thunder.

Ahmet didn't turn in his homework on time.

Everything seemed right.

I'm not quite sure whether I should buy it or not.

I thought you said Pamela needed more time.

It wouldn't be right that I'd let you copy my work.

She adores her older brother.

Why did I buy flowers?! Why are you asking me a question like that? I bought them because I wanted to buy them, ok!

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What's he hiding?


After the third film, this franchise is terrible.

It's about time we went back.

Sabrina hasn't called the fire department yet.


Do they observe Christmas Day in that country?

Let's get this done.

You look just like my sister.

Jacobson and I know each other.

An investigation is ongoing.

I'm happy for Sedovic and Oscar.

I don't know what you think is going on here.


There are a lot of long and straight roads in Hokkaido.


When I was in elementary school, I read this book.