The ship traveled at a good speed.

That's no good.

I have a bit of a problem.

Don't let it get to you.

I took you for Mrs. Brown.

I did not reach school in time.

I had things to do, so I couldn't leave right away.

Did Claudia say how long he'd be in Boston?

The tides are influenced by the moon and the sun.

The football game is now on the air.

Who were the other suspects?

He seems to have lost the thread of the story.

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I used to be the same age as you.

I wouldn't want you to think I was crazy.

He's three years younger than my older brother.


Can you hand me a tissue?

You want to leave here, don't you?

It isn't really particularly healthy.

My parents went to church, but I did not go.

She went so far as to say that he was a swindler.

Ripples continue to radiate outward long after the stone that produced them has sunk to the bottom of the pond.

Chip and Felix didn't speak to John.

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It was raining when I woke up, but by afternoon the sky had cleared up and the sun was shining.

I am going to go to Tokyo tomorrow.

I want to talk about something else.

I'm going to check in on her.

Homesickness is a longing to go back to where you are from.


You shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes when learning a language.

That's what we should be telling them.

Will he come? I don't think he will come.

Toerless has different plans.

I want them.


I'm strong enough.


Tanaka asked Hal to read him the letter she had gotten from John.

This is the hottest summer we have had in thirty years.

Kieran asked me why I was laughing.

If you bite at it, you're a fool.

I'd better get going.


Rick's favorite Elvis Presley song is "Jailhouse Rock."


Keep them happy.

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I want to know who broke this window.

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I'm really broke.

Don't cross your arms across your chest.

I don't like girls who put on airs.

Not all of them are present at the meeting today.

Give me change in bills and coins.

I think we got Leigh's attention.

I was sacked yesterday.

This is a tribute to all the Native Americans who died to defend their land, their people and their culture ever since Christopher Columbus set foot on their land.

Let's go in my office.


That's the biggest complaint we get.

You have a lot of work to do.

A child should honor and respect his parents at every age.

The video spread like wildfire over the Internet.

Gerard often starts his day with a swim.

He had to look for his room by himself.

Don't let him switch off the light.

She went to Paris for the purpose of learning ballet.

The instant he opened the door, he smelt something burning.


Shane used to be obnoxious.

Look, there's your cap on the table!

Richard doesn't know what I want to do.

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Is that what happened with her?


The path is the goal.

We've come to get you out of here.

It's hard to get a sense of closure when your ex doesn't want to speak to you.

That's true for every day except one.

Eugene pulled out his cell phone and made a call.

Now why didn't I think of that?

Monty needs to improve his people skills.

This spider can have a leg span of up 6 inches.

You could sleep in the hammock.


I'd just like to have a quick conversation with Mwa before we leave.

He was peeved by what you said.

Ralf changes his mind all the time.

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As a father he must pay for his daughter's education.

Hunter is thirty, but he looks much younger.

I've had enough excitement for a while.

I'm sorry. I can't let you in.

I'm not taking any chances.

Are you interested in this T-shirt?

I'm impressed with your German.

This place is really beautiful.

Don't do anything to hurt Randy's feelings.

She began to cry in a loud voice.

He is addicted to Starbucks coffee.


Okay. Let's go to the pool.

You must be a good athlete to have run a mile in such a short time.

You think that I'm just talking nonsense, don't you?

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He wasted his time on gambling at the horse races.


They accepted the proposition.


That town is the center of the steel industry.

I came here because Syd said you wanted to see me.

He is a true gentleman.

I'm supposed to wait for you.

Cary is staying at my place this week.

I'm thinking of learning Korean next semester.

I think we should leave.


Who am I? That's really the most important question.

The management wishes to inform guests that the television has been fitted with an anti-theft device.

Our country borders on several countries.

Mott told me that he wanted a dog.

His dissertation is better than mine.

Frederic is getting serious.

They must not smoke.

He's trying really hard.

He uses different aspects of Scottish dialects.

You weren't fair.

I'm not going to change my mind.

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He runs faster than I.

Don't you love each other?

What is the reason why he came here?


There isn't a dog that's bigger than this.

A hero lies within you.

He got eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Fill it with regular, please.

Managers like Paula Grayson, however, are trying to persuade them to change their habits.

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Please spit.

Yes. I was very surprised at the news.

How can we refuse?


He compelled me to make a speech.

So you don't understand this sentence?

He was very sad yesterday.

I'm so much older than you are.

The ambulance broke down in the middle of the avenue.

Right now, we've got bigger problems.

He will go to the meeting instead of me.


Although I have been studying Chinese for 2 years, there are still a lot of words I do not know.

These shelves cannot support so many books.

We should've started this earlier.


It hasn't been easy for Skeeter to earn enough money to support his large family.


Maybe this'll cheer you up.

My father bought me this hat.

When did you come back from Germany?


I lost him among the crowd.

I know how to get things done.

Are we sinking?

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The diver ran out of air and drowned.

The icy road sparkled in the sunlight.

The wedding is in two weeks.


Officers arrested one person.


I heard you were getting married.

Keep them quiet.

Cops came with guns drawn, as I was talking to the owner on the phone.

Dan started a physical altercation with Matt.

Tracy has a funny way of laughing, doesn't he?


I got into a traffic jam on the expressway.


My grandfather can't walk without his cane.


You're a friend of Thomas.


Vice told me you were allergic to cats.

Global climate change is one of the greatest threats facing humanity.

Roland had a rough time last year.

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The girl lent her friend her new typewriter.

I am not a pillow.

Oliver won't even speak to Moses.

She could not resist the temptation.

I've lost my motivation.

I didn't shoot anything.

I rarely watch documentaries.


Alfred knows what happened here yesterday afternoon.

Apart from English, he also teaches math.

What else can we do now?