Knute doesn't have much of a chance.

It doesn't really matter much anymore.

The Government should not keep information confidential merely because public officials might be embarrassed by disclosure, because errors and failures might be revealed, or because of speculative or abstract fears.

Reinhard and Juergen sure looked happy.

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Why do you think football isn't popular in America?

It's not as hot in June as it is in July.

You have to say something.

I shared my room with sysko.

This gold is mine.

There were three survivors.

I have mosquito bites all over my arm.

I'm sorry I'm dressed like this.

I don't know what I'd do in that situation.

I don't want to pay through the nose for a hotel room.

I'm at your mercy.

It is believed that all men are equal.

Roxie thinks this is a mistake.

No less than 40 percent of students go on to university.

Heather could go there within 20 minutes.

For my breakfast today: fried egg on toast with cheese.

The man must have succeeded in business by virtue of his efforts.


Which club do you belong to?

Think failed the test, just like Kenn predicted.

Do you want a reconditioned or a remanufactured tote ?


I can't sell that to you.

I saw two men struggling for the knife.

Are you still afraid?

What are you going to have?

I'm sure Urs never did that.

It's one of the most exclusive addresses in the city.

Lactic-acid bacilli are such unyielding bacteria that, even if frozen, they would simply hibernate and can restore themselves as if they came back to life.

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He was in his shirt sleeves.

I wish I were in Boston.

Hey, how do you get this thing open?

The rain prevented us from finishing our game of tennis.

She thought of Canada as an ideal country to live in.


Ragnar doesn't read anything.

I don't adhere to any particular political tendency.

Stacy never objected to me dating his daughter.

The policeman dealt with the accident.

Moran has a pet monkey named Coconut.

We're going to be OK.

Facebook is blocked in China.


I know about your feelings.

There's no problem with Micah.

She went to Italy with a view to studying music.

There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

If you do something that crazy, you'll be laughed at.


I have only myself to thank for this mess.

She bought him some candy.

You didn't teach me.

We can see Mt. Fuji in the distance.

Tell him I'm on my way.

I am told that he is ill in bed.

Sit down to put your boots on.


I revise my lessons almost every day.


How fast Patricia speaks!


I don't know quite how to say this.

I'm finished with you.

I confess I'm miserable.


Clare considered changing his job.

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I braced myself against the crowd.

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I have no backup plan.


Health is above wealth, for this does not give us so much happiness as that.

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Now stand back.


There is not much difference between the two.

It is careless of her to make such a mistake.

I bet Jerry forgot.


I'm making progress.


My answer is yes.


I could make you something to eat.

Can't you hear the sound?

Everyone knows Pratap isn't happy here.

The queue is too long at the ticket office.

I wanted Tony to help me.

I miss you. I need to see you. Could I come over?

Hm, do you really want to know it?

You should have taken all that into consideration.

Thad didn't say any more.

I wonder whether Caleb likes Jinchao.

I recognized my friends.

Many kinds of animals have vanished from the earth.

You'll have to ask them that.

The cost of living has greatly risen in the past ten years.

Nobody wanted to visit my country.

Tell me how to find Heidi.

After finishing his examinations, my brother is enjoying skiing to his heart's content.

Shaw won't be showing up at all.

Get ready for some action.


I don't feel like going for a walk.

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Are there any direct flights between Boston and Sydney?

You were always a little strange.

This email address is not registered, or the password is wrong.

He has some faults, but I like him none the less.

Experts say coffee prices are rising mainly because people are willing to pay more.

I don't like not being liked.

I'm a dictator.

I folded my shirts and put them in my suitcase.

He abandoned socialism.

Am I right about that?

OK, this is what we are going to do.

I'm ready to go now.

Can you find the mistake?

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Tell me the substance of his speech.

The old woman looked at me with surliness and mistrust.

Pickles given beat honey that's bought.


We didn't do anything special.

Don't obey that man.

Listen here!

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Lava is dangerous.

Fred sent me an interesting text.

I just want you to be prepared.

I thought you were going to let me go.

Not only did he teach school, but he wrote novels.

We were drenched in the shower.

Not feeling well, I stayed home on that day.

It was quite dark when I got there.

All of a sudden, a fire broke out in the movie theater.

You'd better rewrite the article.

Suddenly he stood up and left the hall.

Her eyes ran over the list to see if her name was on it.

This evening we can meet in the cocktail lounge of the hotel.


The chemical symbol H expresses hydrogen.

It is difficult to make up for wasted time.

Jinny won the argument.


Ed likes reading Hermann Hesse.

When did you buy this building?

Their child is of indeterminate sex.


Don't run around the house.

He's really good looking.

Can a city exist without having a culture of its own?

I got up earlier than usual in order to catch the first train.

I don't know what you've heard.

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Do you watch TV?

I suggest that you not wait any longer.

No police officers were injured.

I'll have a talk with him.

When I was young, I was more agile.

Have you guys been up all night?

She was my first girlfriend.


Don't throw these documents in the rubbish!

Technically he is still a student.

May this letter find you well and happy!


I'm having trouble understanding you.

Dan didn't even seem mad.

You must repay your debts.


We've talked about this before.

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I'm here to talk about them.


We have nothing.

It is a nice view from here.

My son lied to me.

Ssi reluctantly obeyed.

I hope you're enjoying this.

The concealment of facts by a witness is a criminal offense.

After climbing Mt. Fuji, I got the inspiration for a poem.

This is our bag.

I'm thinking of going abroad next year.


He is washing a car.

I can't believe you live right here in Boston only a block from where I live.

Eighty percent of success is showing up.

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I can't go tomorrow.


Give me some credit.

Mario accused me of having broken my promise.

There was a witness.