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That's too bad. Please take care of yourself.

I look forward to our next meeting.

It was an uphill struggle.


Al put on so much weight that he had to have his pants let out.


You can have breakfast between 7 and 9.

I cannot drive a motorcycle, much less a car.

I can go there as long as I'm back before five.

Was anybody listening?

I've been in this business a long time.


Do you think Roy didn't go because of what I said?

Everyone is here to see you, Patrice.

He's been blacklisted.

Elizabeth majored in drama.

I want to move to the countryside.


I have a feeling you'll like Carolyn.

I brought mine. Did you bring yours?

May I take off my coat?

Their finest moment is their last appearance on stage.

He talks a lot about his father.

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No one would want to hurt me.

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He had excess water in his lungs.


Japanese children brought up overseas sometimes face great difficulty in adjusting themselves to Japanese schools after returning, even though they have a perfect command of Japanese.

Skef said he couldn't accept the job.

Tareq was in no hurry.

They don't realize that they're being used as pawns to obtain a wider political objective.

It seems to be a lynx.


Stay here with her.

The story begins far in the past.

I can't put up with his rudeness any more.

You can't just lie to them like that.

Who are you quarreling with?

Just like humans, the eyesight of dogs gets worse with age.

Travis wants you to kill Dimetry.

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Larger cars use more gas.

Kristi sat on top of his desk, looking out the window.

You run into Japanese tourists everywhere.

There are only five minutes till the train starts, and she hasn't appeared.

I don't really care that much.

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He proposed to send for the doctor.

You have beautiful blue eyes.

I've never met Don.

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He's as poor as a church mouse.

Leung's goal is to become famous.

I asked around about you.

I'm sorry, I'm busy right now.

We arrested them.


I used to work for her.

Danielle is the perfect son.

We have just a tiny bit of garden.

I had a nightmare about vampires.

We've been away.


They always go skiing in winter.

What's your favorite scary movie?

They spotted Pratapwant.

Sjouke lives with his parents in a small house on Park Street.

He is among the best jazz singers.

I'm on my way to see Kyu.

Persistence pays off.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Let's make that happen.

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I called her this afternoon.


Pat lost everything.

A basketball team consists of five players.

This car must go.

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Linley isn't easily surprised.

Study English every day.

How do you say XXX in Dutch?

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Find out all you can about Roy's business.

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I'll have Jennifer take care of it.

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I was in the train for twelve hours.

Just like any addict, we don't care how we get our next fix.

I have no choice but to follow those orders.

I'd be delighted.

I like to travel and meet new people.

The engineer climbed the telephone pole.

What's in the basket?


There is only one interpretation possible for this sentence.

We've all done stupid stuff when we're drunk.

Saiid's wife keeps him on such a short rope.

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You've got another four day's journey before you reach Moscow.


Let me take a quick shower.

This is the most important matter of all.

Rice is grown in rainy regions.

I'm almost thirty.

Nothing else was taken.

Rain formed pools in the hollow spaces on the rocks.

No man is a prophet in his house or in his country, if history is to be believed.


Reduce to pulp by boiling.

The chimpanzee is an intelligent creature, capable of solving simple problems.

I can protect Suzan.

Frank did it for free.

Most modern airliners use turbofan engines because of their high thrust and good fuel efficiency.

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I wasn't looking at him.

I don't want sugar.

They drove a tunnel through the hill.

Where are the guards?

She is vehemently opposed to political correctness.

I wouldn't want to take the chance.

I think it's about time we got started.

This is how he succeeded in the job.

Could she be cheating on me?

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Did you enjoy your trip?


They are rowing a boat on the pond.

Jonathan treated her wounded knee.

Russell and Socorrito both feel the same way about that.

Maybe we should go to Boston.

I couldn't have done that without your help.

I set out early so as to catch the first train.

Price reflects demand.

I introduced her to you last week.

Yes, I will be your Valentine.


It was important.

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How much do you make a month?

Mr. Yamanaka looks young for his age.

Tiefenthal thought it was strange.

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Is your salary keeping up with inflation?

I do love your car, I love it.

What are they called?

Everyone around here likes us.

You should keep secrets.

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Hein seems to know his stuff.

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Let us know if you change your residence.

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I want to work with Barbara.

That tastes really good!

However, despite his purely peaceful intent, he was frustrated in his desire to buy some surplus missiles.

It must be three years if a day since she was last in England.

Sunil was the one who told me.

Norm jumped into the water with his clothes on.

This is a good place to build a house.

She has a ravenous craving for chocolate.

Well, that's a difficult question.

Somebody help me.

I don't want to know all your old boyfriends' names.

Barton has been teaching us French.

She was steaming with anger.

The man got away from the city.

Jerome is a social drinker.

All of these picture postcards are mine.

My son does not follow me.

We hope that it works.

Sir has been warned several times.

That's not what I was talking about.

She knows five languages, but when she wants to swear, she does so in her maternal language.

Knowledge can only be obtained by study.

Which sport do you like practising?

This is a DVD.

The factory is keyed to produce men's wear.

I didn't want to leave before the work was completed.

None of us have met him.

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A constellation shines.

Graham sat at his computer and started typing something.

The movie called "Paranormal Activity" was not that much good.

All hope of my promotion went up in smoke after my reorganization plan fell through.

Teriann had better have a good excuse for being late.


What is the unemployment rate at the moment?

Ricky watched me carefully.

The island lies a mile off the coast.

He could not join us because he was ill.

You have to talk to them.


Blake is married to a cousin of mine.


He knows who I am.

Can you go faster?

I'll let you know how things turn out.