Collect more claims at a lower cost and GET PAID FASTER!

ePhase will immediately reduce the amount of time spend entering physician's charges, processing patient billing information, communicating with other physicians in the practice and exchanging data with hospital systems.

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Dr. Julie Kalsi Beri

It's simply a technological miracle! I love that it was easy for my staff to use and most of all I love that I am able to use the color coding list to see my patient visit status. One of the best features is that I have an interface to document all the information offline even when our internet connection is down and it still saves in our system.

Melissa Smith

ePhase is the easiest and most straight forward billing system, with quick and accessible billing from the front desk to my office. The entire system makes my job a breeze with automatic notifications and advanced code scrubbing tools to inform me on rejections or denials right away. I am able to document the individual encounters by patient, ocation, date of service, CPT and ICD codes. It catches and flags errors that could easily have been missed and has made the transition of ICD-10 an absolute luxury.

Dr. Harish Gampala

Since I've made the transition to ePhase I am simply amazed at the income by the reduced costs I have profited from without playing the waiting game to collect my claims! It feels like I bill straight into my pocket and that was exactly what I was guaranteed. I can finally say my patient records are more accurate than ever before and communicating with the other specialists in the hospital systems regarding my patients conditions is transmitted faster than I could have imagined.

Dr. Kartheek Reddy

In trauma you must round fast and efficiently. The pace that I round now has far surpassed my production from before. I have reduced my paperwork from hours to minutes and can easily capture my clinical visits straight from the bed side. I am able to provide and receive all up to date information on my patients status with a simple touch of my phone while keeping it organized with every changing situation. It's an awesome feeling to not only have surpassed my personal and group expectations, but most importantly be able to surpass the expected recovery time of my patients with the direct communication throughout the hospital system ePhase has provided.

Dr. Radley Griffin

It's no lie that ePhase is a win. I no longer have to worry about the constant struggle of retrieving and sending patient information to and from hospitals and my patients are able to communicate with me directly through the system for any emergent concerns. I wouldn't call ePhase high-tech, I would call it a fundamental application that everyone should be using if they want to increase the proficiency and accuracy of their practice. My patients are with me for a very long time and put trust in me to know them like the back of my hand. With a guaranteed storage of my patients records for 7 years, I no longer have to worry about missing any details throughout our physician patient relationship.

Sunil Sandadi

Department of Urology Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI