At last, he came.

Fay is watching Panzer.

I play a lot with my cousins, nieces and nephews.

That might take too long.

Where is the garbage area?

With all due respect, I think they both had valid points.

Jochen is always home at night.

This essay is much too long. You have to condense it by getting rid of all the fluff.


Do you like any of those?

It was just one of those things.

Don't make trouble.

I hope no one gets hurt.

Even a child can understand it.

The doctor advised that she stay at home.

It was very painful.

I wish that he were here to help us.

Father will come back from Germany before long.

Why not let them help you?

Jack isn't here. He may have missed his usual bus.

That's not very friendly.

He lived a happy life.

Are you cooking tonight?

It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

My father is only fifteen years old.

She likes humiliating people.


Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia.

Speak louder. Your grandfather's hearing isn't so good.

Will Margaret help us?

Could I borrow your lawn mower?

This neighborhood is violent.


Betty didn't notice anything suspicious.

For all you say about him, I still like him.

The peacock's beautiful tail helps it attract females.

I like them, foreign languages.

Would either of you be interested in going on a blind date with one of my friends?

Where did you miss your umbrella?

Make-up can accentuate your cheekbones.

She also bought the dictionary.

It is too dark for me to read.

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Lar has never lived anywhere other than Boston.

How come you're so busy?

Back in high school, I got up at 6 a.m. every morning.


The kitten wants to sleep.

Do Gunter and Luis know?

I can't reach her.

I beat them.

Just ask Micheal to give it back.

Samuel can no longer do his job.

I want to drink cashew juice.

We'll see how much things change.

Nine hundred years shall you wander over the lakes and streams of Erin. This only I will grant unto you: that you retain your own speech, and there shall be no music in the world equal to yours, the plaintive music you shall sing.

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We're supposed to help Sherman.


Beauty's in the eye of the beholder.

What you did for me meant a lot to me.

We need to take Tracey home.

I have a terror of heights.

Can I offer you anything to drink?

Don't buzz about my ears.

Interspecies aggression is oriented towards goals related to reproduction.

Where did he go?

Tolerant didn't arrive until about 2:30.

Len is the man on the left.

Elizabeth killed Alister in cold blood.


This book isn't just interesting, but also useful.

I heard that Lenny doesn't swim anymore.

I entered someone else's room by mistake.

Peter applied to his boss for a raise.

He has gone mad.

He set us by the ears.

She is three years younger than Marci.

Many people in these parts have fallen on hard times.

A genie appeared when Aladdin rubbed the magic lamp.

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Which browser are you using?

One day I found a box there.

I did my best to protect Elliott.


I wondered if her story was true.


She was the last woman I expected to see.


I'm gonna withdraw some money real quick.


He's completely crazy.

Rajiv is a frequent guest on the show.

My husband often fails to understand what I mean.

It's not too late.

Takao and Archie got married three months ago.


That's what we're doing now.

Novo is very conceited.

Her eyes rested on the young man reading newspaper.


It's all over for me. I lost my job.

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There are many books in my room.

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I love her eyes.

Jennie brushed the sand off his pants.

Do you think we should've gone to where Pieter wanted us to go instead of coming here?

He's on his last leg.

Jwahar might be seriously ill.

I didn't know you were going to be here today.

That store employs twenty clerks.


Jeans are just jeans. Why did you spend so much money on designer jeans?


Where did you repair them?

I've nothing to give.

I don't know if we can help Stu this time.

Thad might not be busy.

It was a race to get to the station on time.

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"The good news first or the bad news?" "The good news first."

Who wants to wash my dirty car?

During the Sochi Olympics, the theme song by Kobukuro was a big hit. I'm sure everyone has heard it. However, it has already been three months. We do not hear the song anymore, do we?

Jun is part of a large family.

Life is what you make it.


I wish you could accept that.

Erase to the start of discourse or text; drop the subject or start over.

Stevan nodded hesitantly.

Isolation is the common lot of man.

How far did Judge get?


The Torres Strait divides New Guinea from Australia.

I don't think it is over.

The cake was very delicious.


I wish you'd called first.

I want to become both physically and mentally stronger.

I'm surprised to see you again.


Please don't listen to Rajendra.


You can't have this.

We are different heights. He is taller than me.

Why was Teriann in Boston last week?

Hitoshi didn't answer the phone.

Christophe was 13 at the time.

Indra has never had a job.

That's a bodge job.


What exactly did Dana say to you?

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Kuldip had better hurry or he'll miss the bus.


Kim jumped back into the pool.

Pilot would like to know what he did wrong.

We didn't go to Boston.

Write in the date yourself.

I can't find a thing.

It's important for us to think about the future of the world.

They seemed to think so.

Wholemeal bread is good.

I was in such a hurry that I forgot to lock the door.

Apart from a few minor mistakes, your composition was excellent.

I hate chemistry.

Please leave a urine sample in this cup.

He is likely to live to be ninety.

Ilya is coming home.

I'm not going to help her.


I like listening to music, and playing music even more.

I think Gregor is in the garden.

You can never see any emotions on his face.

How's life?

Those who often break their promises are never trusted.

Claudio's not really that into sports.

Timothy was nicknamed Timmy.

I'm not interested in a relationship.

How do you propose we solve this problem?


This trip will become a pleasant memory.

That plan of yours is good, I think.

I thought you'd already been compensated for that.


Shamim was just sitting there, staring into space.

What am I supposed to tell Daniel?

If you are not enjoying writing, why write at all?

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The notebook is lying on the table.


It's a great honor to know her.

I think social networking is so girlish.

It seems to me that she is a little selfish.

I never see you anymore.

Once you've said something, it can't be taken back.

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I was so mad about that.


Ram often goes cross-country skiing.