You did a great job.

They used weed eaters for the rest of the day.

How are we going to get in to see Danny?

I live pretty close to Bret.

We have a problem, Roman.

What time is it in Boston now?

Pontus didn't want to go to the park.

My father was no less affectionate and tender to me than my mother was.

That's wise.

As I entered the tearoom I found two young men watching a wrestling match on television.


I open the door and I see two boys standing next to each other.

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I wish you had told me earlier.

Do you think Jaime is unreliable?

Vilhelm doesn't like washing dishes.

Don't worry in the least. It's nothing more than a bad memory that will vanish with the first rays of the sun.

What is he so angry about?

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I'm taking the afternoon off.


The land had never been ploughed.

Spike said that he could speak not only English, but also French.

I'm feeling dizzy.

Can we quit talking about this?

Where are you getting the money from?

It's hard to resist.

The movie will be showing in this movie theater.

The dog likes that kind of food.

Go back to where you belong.

Devon won't even notice.

I've been thinking about leaving.

Her large, deep, blue eyes had a dreamy look, but a childlike smile still played round her mouth.

I'm ready for him now.

Johann decided that it wasn't necessary to take the medicine the doctor had given him.

The magazines were sold out.

What a terrible waste!

Rajendra can swim better than Knapper.

Kayvan went to a private boys' school.

Tell me what you're afraid of.

What are they whispering to each other?

I will give you this book.

Did you hear about what happened?

We're looking for a place to stay.

You'd better go with him.

Tell them I said hi.

Benson plays quarterback on our high school's football team.

We believe that peaceful coexistence of the two different social systems is fully possible.

It was a quiet winter evening.

Everett died three days after Jane.


I want everything in order by this time tomorrow.

Let's try to be rational.

I don't agree to a young lady going there alone.

I accidentally deleted everything.

Today I started a new Esperanto course.


You want to watch a French movie, don't you?


I sometimes help my parents in the shop after school.


Religion is freedom and justice being sought in the entire region.

The evolution of dinosaurs interests me greatly.

He turned over the matter in his mind.


The horses are nervous that there might be a thunderstorm tonight.

You underestimated me.

Getting excited is not at all the same as getting angry.

Loukas felt at home.

I know I did the right thing.

Jochen carried the box out to the car.

I told Lui what time to come.

Do you advertise in the Yellow Pages?

She was ready to jump ship.

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It is ten years since I came to Tokyo.

It'll be easy.

Don't you have anything smaller than this?

He let out the secret regarding this matter.

Maria exaggerated.

Are you students?

She's a tree hugger.


When did you get to know her?

He retired from office.

The old man arched his back.


Joseph must be about thirty.

His behavior is worthy of praise.

I'm so glad they're here.

Josip doesn't know what Rob wants to eat.

I just did what anybody would've done.

What're you doing now?

A beaver's fur is very soft.


There's nothing without divine will.

He's stupid sometimes!

Today both of you are staying home.


Not every problem has an immediate solution.

She handed him the key.

He went home on foot.

You had better leave it unsaid.

I'd like to change my reservation from three to five nights.

The astonishing blow finished the match.

He did not know where to go.

It is man's lot to suffer.

What are you so nervous about?

Takeuchi has a very fair complexion and burns easily in the sun.

We had beaten a football giant.

Canada, too, began to prepare for war.

I canceled it.

We're going to find out how to do that.

Is that going to be a problem for you?


Strange to say, she knows the fact very well.


You're not missing much.

This tree bears good peaches every year.

How much time do you spend watching TV?

I helped her into a gown.

Have you found anything?

This tanker is bound for Kuwait.

Don't worry. I'll be right back.

I'll return to my country someday soon.

I must get the concert ticket by all means.

The delegates elected him on the first vote.

You can't run my life.


I waited for the answer but nobody answered.

That tree's been struck by lightning.

Antony didn't say who he'd gone with.

He teases me all the time.

I need you to control yourselves.

Have you told them?

They got back in the car.

Shakil bought Pravin a nice present.

A sentence normally has a subject and a verb.


He's had a fever for the past few days.


I wrote him a letter asking him to come home soon.

The necklace is cheap at a hundred dollars.

The asteroid will arrive first-class at 10.45 a.m.

Don't speak to me about Pitawas. We're on bad terms.

Sanche is thinking about it.


We won't discuss our plans with you.


Mr. Tanaka and his son always take the time to greet me, and even helped me carry my things earlier.

I was the only one who knew about that.

He has found your cap.

I bought this for my boyfriend.

Passengers for Cambridge, please make your way to platform No.6.

Annard is the only one here with a real job.

Your birth was an accident.


The ideals he's touting in this election go against everything I hold most dear.

Jesper said he was working on something important.

Now I live in a city. Nevertheless, the distance between my house and the large forest is only about a kilometer.

Parking at the Mall has seven floors and each one is marked with a specific color so that people remember more easily where they left the car.

I feel like everyone is ignoring me.

She had no rule of thumb about it, but she got it right every time.

We named my son after my grandfather.

Thank you very much.

The temperature falls.


His declarations show him as a man of prejudices.

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Would you like to give it another shot?

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Let's all do it.

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Water is liquid. It becomes solid when it freezes.


This planet appears to be suited for colonization.

Clay read the sports section first.

That's a fish.


By degrees their friendship grew into love.


Some people stared at me awkwardly.

Does that answer satisfy you?

It's exactly what I wanted.

He went red in the face with rage.

Dwight Eisenhower was the candidate for president.


I'm sure of his working for our company.

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She called out to him, with tears running down her cheeks.

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You must not give up hope.

There are significant differences between those two countries.

What are you going to tell him?


I'd like to go out with Lynne.

American southerners speak in a drawling voice.

They are memorials.


I could hardly believe him.