Mario isn't in any hurry to retire.

No country should interfere in another country's internal affairs.

The virus is starting to mutate.

She has a good heart.


I'd appreciate it if you could pay in cash.

He grasped the rope with two hands.

They like jazz.

How do you like your eggs done?

Learn to hope is important

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Kristen was surprised, too.


How do we open this door?

Judith said he was afraid of snakes.

The wind picked up.

I was welcomed whenever I visited him.

Special services include a personal driver for each guest.

The servants, and the young ladies also, decked out the tree. On one branch they hung little nets, cut out of colored paper; every net was filled with sweetmeats; golden apples and walnuts hung down as if they grow there, and more than a hundred little candles, red, white, and blue, were fastened to the different boughs.

I hate myself for my mistakes.


But the first thing we say is "hello."

It's not quite as simple as that.

A face with too much make up looks strange.


This book isn't as heavy as that one.

Joan dropped her husband like a hot potato.

I am Australian.

There's no response.

Do you want to stop him?

I got upset.

People are sometimes tempted to eat more than they should.

You must do the work, even if you do not like it.

The fire was quickly extinguished.


I felt naked.

Well, this is a surprise.

You must get lecture tickets in advance.


His voice doesn't go with his appearance.

That cloth is made from cotton.

Lanny needs some rest.


It was true, after all, that money did not bring happiness.


I enjoy building snowmen and playing in the snow. I'll have to wait until it snows here.

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There, something completely different.

She took thousands of pictures during her trip, but they were all bad.

I'd like to forget the whole thing.

"Everybody is invited." "Even Vistlik?"

They are still together.

I'll send word to Lynne.

George looks a lot like his father.

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Did Alf sing any songs you knew?

We should listen to them.

Everything is set.

What's going on with Ranjit?

I don't take any medication.


What kind of questions will they ask?

Is he the owner of this house?

We did a lot yesterday and are tired today.

It's on the aggressor's side of town.

Are you saying that your house is haunted?

She's my godmother.

The streets here are empty by 7.

We have finished.

Jeannie wanted Elric to stay where she was until he got back.


Whose fault is it?

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I have to examine you.

You are satisfied with the argument.

Melinda is gaining on us.

I'll bewitch him into a frog!

We're not your enemies.

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Your hypothesis is correct.


They fought against the enemy.


I know what happens next.

Pierce criticizes everything.

Kriton hates Jimmy's cooking.

Still sleepy, right?

You should wash your car.


Accidents will happen.


"Are you going on holiday by yourself?" "No, my problems are coming with me."

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Lewis is your brother, isn't he?

Norma said Sandra was mistaken.

Lucy dismissed what Delbert was saying.

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The fog is getting thicker.

Hughes expected Juliane to disagree with him, but she didn't.

I never closed the windows.

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She works at the bank.

Once a heifer has a calf, it is no longer a heifer; it is a cow.

I hope Meeks hasn't already drunk all the milk.

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His score on the English test is quite satisfactory.

Has Marika ever visited Japan?

Brendan doesn't dare to open his mouth.

He always wanted to do things his way.

Have you tried this?

I wasn't thirsty.

He stuck his head in the sand like an ostrich.


You should stop worrying about the minor stuff.


I have been living here for three years.

Angela is an old footballer.

Be careful not to wake Hienz up.

I was being taught to cheat.

Let's not lose focus.

I don't know where to wait for her.

We seem to have arrived a few minutes early.

When Lindsey leaves at night, he turns on the burglar alarm.

Do you want breakfast?

I don't want to be known.

What's your favorite snack food?

The supervisor bought a really powerful machine.

You take credit cards, right?

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My jeans shrank after I washed them.

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You could've let me know earlier.


Surya thinks you're going to be here tomorrow.


I'm not convinced yet.


Kyu wants to meet Laurianne.

I look forward to seeing you.

What do they have in mind?

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The Europeans hired an exorcist to cleanse their continent of demons.

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I wasn't as careful as I should've been.


My time has come.

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They died while waiting to be rescued.

We have a lot of free time this week.

Who is going into the city tomorrow?

Cary won't allow Tigger to go to the party with John.

I'm tired of this monotonous life.

The students stayed quiet.

Don't turn around.


It's been a long time since I've written anyone a letter.

Ten million yen will be enough for the project.

Sorry, but I have to hurry. I have no time to explain this in detail.

The helicopter gently touched down.

Jeannie had trouble explaining what he wanted.

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The soldier saved his friend at the cost of his own life.

Only Takeuchi didn't accept the invitation.

Sergeant fainted on the school playground.


The wind filled the sails.

No, I'm not crazy.

Alas! You do not know me, Sir.

Jerome isn't sure who he should give the document to.

He was the king of rock-and-roll.


All systems are go.


We're not supposed to park here.

Did you meet Vice there?

The car was stolen.

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Life is very hard.

Sleep is necessary to good health.

They cut down a cherry tree.

Your friend can come any moment.

I expect to be back by 2:30.

I promised myself, that I never gonna talk to him again.

He always hums while working.

At most, there were only 100 passengers on the ferry.

The air was filled with phantoms, wandering hither and thither in restless haste, and moaning as they went.


She has a feminine insight into human behavior.

I have clearly asked for this list in writing.

What could Mac do?

My little sister has been suffering with a toothache since last night.

I love this song!

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Do you like Boston?

I'm still living with my parents.

I have a good mind to study abroad.

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Let us finish our work.


This is the last place I want to be right now.