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Tournament Quality Backgammon Boards, Precision Dice, Dice Cups, Doubling Cubes & Accessories

Our boards are made by Fazil Terlemez, a German craftsman.

Disabled from polio since he was 3 years old, and limited to working from a sitting position, Fazil has earned his livelihood for the past 19 years by making superb backgammon boards, dice cups and doubling cubes.

Fazil's playing surface of choice is a felt made from dense Marino sheep wool. Merino sheep are an ancient breed. Their wool is recognized as one of the world's most durable natural materials. It has no equal.

Unlike hard playing surfaces, soft Merino wool is is a quiet playing surface. Dice tumble easily across the board but will not spin on a corner. Marino wool resists wear and will not become tacky. Checkers will never loose their smooth glide action.

FTH 45mm (1.75") and 50mm (2") checkers are made custom made to Fazil's exacting specifications. No slopiness on the playing field or in the checker wells. Their super smooth surfaces perfectly compliment Fazil's wool surfaces.

Every board comes with 8 corner protectors, one of Fazil's unique, hand made 40mm doubling cubes, 2 or 4 dice cups, 4 ball-cornered precision dice, and a dice bag.