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I can't understand why Hume doesn't like me.

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They hastened to execute the plan.

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Two seats remained vacant.


The car stopped in front of the house.

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He yielded to pressure.

He is young and ambitious.

We won't speak again.


We need to help her.

The police have decided to look into the case.

My father gave a nice watch to me.

I need to change my shirt.

His health was affected by the great heat.

I thought you were with him.

How did we get ourselves into this?


She's wearing a light blue suit.

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Did we solve the problem?

I'm completely cast down!

It is useless to go on strike now.

Sushi sounds good, but I'd rather eat Thai food.

They started shooting.

He is Taro's older brother.

I didn't donate blood.

Jordan and Sangho are pretty good friends.

I had no idea Shean was coming.

I live on the top floor of a six storey apartment block.

Everybody said it couldn't be done.

I'm not good at small talk.

Theo and Miles seem to be arguing.

Math sucks.

Have you ever been on TV?


It gets awfully lonely here sometimes.


What's your favorite TV show theme song?


In my job I have to deal with all kinds of people.

I thought that meeting would never conclude.

If you get into difficulties, don't hesitate to ask for advice.

Seenu looked down at his shirt.

If you eat that, Boyd will be angry.

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Tell Moore it's a priority.


Classes started last month.

When was the last time you imported medicines?

I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Which club are you a member of?

He was my only friend.


I barely know her.


Can you play Jingle Bells?

Sedovic is alone in the kitchen.

In the old days we would go ice skating in the winter, but now we are too old.

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I have known that for a long time.

He made us do the work.

I've failed in every respect.

It was almost too easy.

The commander called reinforcements up.

I told Charles how proud I was.

The most detestable wickedness, the most horrid cruelties, and the greatest miseries, that have afflicted the human race have had their origin in this thing called revelation, or revealed religion.


He not only speaks English, he speaks French as well.

That looks like him.

Don't lend money to someone who can't have a morning erection.

Did Rodger ever talk about me?

We need a bottle of juice.


I don't want to discuss Morris's problems.

I don't have anything else to do.

Where's Harvey waiting?


I know you'd never do that intentionally.

In this kind of heat, I just don't feel like doing anything.

I am a redhead.

Just because something is possible doesn't make it a good idea.

How much did you have to pay to get your truck fixed?


Did you say you had a fight with Leila?

I don't like it when mathematicians who know much more than I do can't express themselves explicitly.

They will come calling out at the mess you've made.

Nicolette's father sold his Buick and bought a Cadillac.

The joke loses everything when the joker laughs himself.

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You should know that's impossible.


Tell her thanks but no thanks.

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Better solitude than the company of the wicked.

Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sins of the world!

Thank you for cooperating.

We need to do something about that.

I thought you were married.

I play trumpet in the school band.

How much money did Eva donate to charity last year?

I thought his name was Vaughn.

What made you do a silly thing like that?

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Dormant volcanoes no longer produce eruptions, but might again sometime in the future.

My brother doesn't swim.

We'll get started right away.

I didn't intend to alarm you.

Don't ruffle my hair.


She was fortunate to pass the exam.

It's awfully cold today.

I smell smoke.

He made her feel like he wanted her to leave.

She tried to hide what was really going on.

Are you doing anything in particular tonight?

Can't you do any better than that?

Please fill the bath half full.

During the day I went to Ikea to return the rug.

teach your friend to keep smile while clicking picture

Eddy, would you mind lending me ten dollars?


More often than not I lay awake all night.


I doubt his story.

An egg is a cell.

The minimum wage is $2.13 an hour.

I've just invented a new word processor allowing to pronounce words backwards.

Isabelle didn't much like it.

Prepare to be bored.

I'm not yet prepared to do that.

I suggest we finish this tomorrow.

The policeman's quick arrival surprised us.


Emmett laughed and threw a pillow at me.


He publishes books in Italy.

I'm an old man now.

It's rude to wolf down your food like that.

Please let me pay.

We agreed to start early.

He teaches his friends English.

Why do you want that anyway?

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She goes to work by taxi.

He got the car for nothing.

That girl smiled and waved to me.


Leaning on his bone-tipped spear for support, Murat rises to his feet.

I'm so sick of this song.

The meeting was held last month.

I have a very pretty girlfriend.

I'm going to New York next week.


No one spoke up in his defense.

Are you prepared?

Give Christina a chair.

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Leo went looking for Sandra.

He's a good boy so I like him.

My favorite subject is French.

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Please come into my home.

Stop daydreaming.

I found the film very disappointing.

Maybe you should talk to him.

We came back to camp before dark.

It is delightful to look at a sleeping baby.

He sang a song.

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Can I please have some water?


Pristina is the capital of Kosovo.


Briggs used to play second base for his high school's baseball team.

Everybody is in the other room eating.

I think it natural that you should take the matter into consideration.

I don't know yet what I want to do.

I forgot my password!


I felt kind of sorry for you.


Emma ran back across the street.

We have a good team right now.

I've been doing it all wrong.

What did you think had happened?

Sylvan looks like he's had an inspiration.

We did our best to prepare Robert for what was going to happen.

My dear child, this is not a star. It is a full moon.

The accident happened because they could not see clearly.

He has writing talent.


We have decided to climb Mt. Fuji this summer.

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I understand how good Ethan is.

I could be wrong, but I think Billie likes you.

Sales fell off in the third quarter.