Many of the men became sick.

He is often taken for a student because he looks so young.


We have another decision to make.


There is no treasure more precious than a child.

The jam jar's lid is jammed.

Cut up my food for me.


I'm sorry, but I'm going home.

Much gold is mined here.

Vernon and Avery are going to tie the knot this spring.

I may have to fire her.

He keeps on phoning me, and I really don't want to talk to him.


He bought the picture for next to nothing.

It'll be better.

This could be very dangerous.

Her ideas are rarely practical.

Even though someone came, she still remained uneasy.


He's a late developer.


I suppose it's feasible.

Calm down and tell me what happened.

To my sister Maya, my sister Alma, all my other brothers and sisters, thank you so much for all the support that you've given me.

I hate my boss.

The Soldier climbed up the tree, let himself down through the hole, and found himself standing, as the Witch had said, underground in the large hall, where the three hundred lamps were burning.

The boat is to leave for England this evening.

Victor sat on his bed crying.

Nobody's that good.

Lou left Boston three years ago.

He went to France not so much for sightseeing as for observation.

It is not especially hot today.


Prices depend on the costs and the demand.

He jumped over a ditch.

Anderson didn't do what he was supposed to do.


Where did it come from?


She did nothing but read all day.


I'd like to dedicate this song to No.


Does she have any merit?


Call me when you can.

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What good are they?

During the intermission I got up to stretch my legs.

If he isn't sick, I think he will come.


Did Skef go home?

It is next to impossible for me to go with you.

I have some coupons I got last week.


Do you remember what you said?


I have to go to the hospital tomorrow.

Today I have a lot of things to do.

I want to know when you're planning to leave.

Slartibartfast had his T-shirt on inside out.

He has just been appointed the U.S. Ambassador to Japan.

Shall we eat anything?

It wasn't that hard.

Could you act for me while I'm out?

That's not likely in so far as I can see.

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There were a lot of people on both sides of the street.


I cared about her.


I almost forgot to do that.


One day, Jesus will return for us and we will be with him forever.

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I set myself realistic goals.

There were more than a hundred people at the party.

I'm aware that there's only a slim chance that you'll want to see me.

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What's Nadeem look like?


I could hear them laugh in the background.


I am a gentleman's daughter.

Barbara said he isn't buying it.

I should think we will need some more money.

I wonder what happens around here on weekends.

Quit while you're ahead.

Thank you for showing me how to do that.

Eventually, he changed his mind.

I trust we're all alone.

You don't have a life jacket.

I don't know what is that "visual memory" about.

They lived happily ever afterward.

Are your hands free of dirt?

Big men are not always strong.

Do you have anything to say with regard to this matter?

You never told me where you lived.


I'm saving up for a new car.

Lucius covered Hurf with a blanket.

I felt her eyes on my back.

Takao denied the accusations.

Eva climbed the stairs to Romer's office, trying to analyse the complex smell in the stairwell - a cross between mushrooms and soot, ancient stour and mildew, she decided.

Betty is a dance teacher.

Is this the dictionary which you are looking for?

This is how they catch an elephant alive.

The apples look good.

Although my car is very old, it still runs very well.

Kirsten left with Griff.

I walked from the station.

Turn off the TV.


I'm going to be a farmer.

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In Victorian age, women were considered "Angels of the hearth".

Have they escaped?

What are we looking for exactly?


Takeuchi likes to climb the trees.

Do you get paid for being such an asshole?

We were roommates.


Take a closer look.


I want her put in prison.

The news soon spread abroad.

Would you mind opening the window?

Let me leave!

Edwin is loyal to his wife.

Vaughn may have a point.

I never intended to hurt anybody.


The train departed on time.

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Speak well of the dead.


Elisabeth was talking in his sleep.


Can't you talk some sense into Olivier?


I was even caught up in that same problem.

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What could be easier?


I took the opportunity to visit Rome.


I'm here on vacation.


Urs has already made up his mind.


I suggest we leave before the guards see us.

Hume is a little more patient than I am.

I know what happened here.


To secure his locker, he uses a padlock.

I made sure of that.

He screams a lot.

She looked at him in doubt and eventually sighed.

How do you say "yuri" in English?


I'm tired and hungry. Tomorrow I mustn't eat or drink for religious reasons.


Unlock the cabinet with this key.


The expenses are ten thousand yen per head.


That's really beautiful.

You have to judge the case without bias.

I'm here on my own.

She has been dumb since birth.

That's why I like her.

I'll permit you to go.

I'd like a word with you if I may.

What's the saddest song in the world?

She sat on the empty beach watching the waves roll in one after the other.


That dog doesn't bite.


You've seen that.


Never mind Curt.

Ian came home pretty late last night.

It might take a while.

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The situation has improved considerably compared to what it was.

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It must be nothing less than perfect.

Cristina wouldn't let that happen.

The Catholic Bible contains everything in the Protestant Bible plus several other books.

I've got my hair dyed black.

Don't go out because it is cold.

He has one dog and six cats.

Patricio said he didn't want to go to Boston.

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What do you want from them?

Tovah seemed angry.

The telephone is ringing, but nobody is answering.