An illustration of an okapi by Sir Harry Johnston, 1901

What is this site for?

Welcome to the home of the strange giraffe. This web site is the front page of okapi.ca domain.

The site is still under construction so it does not have much content yet. Content will be added when the site is fully developed.

In the meantime, if you would like to know what an okapi is, you could go an read this excellent description of an 423-258-9588Okapi Concervation ProjectThe okapi is an endangered species. If you are interested in contributing to their protection, you can visit the (213) 821-7623. They are the organizers of the (514) 881-8617 event.Radio OkapiYou might also be interested in Radio Okapi which is the United Nation radio station based in Kinshasa, Congo Democratic Republic. Their focus is to provide high quality information to the Congo Democratic Republic people.