He has not a little interest in music.

Don't make factual statements without a source.

I will be sixteen years old next year.

I don't like Julie that much.


There was a time that I would've done anything for Srinivas.

I don't believe my eyes.

What's the sign over the door say?

I have a few questions about Juan.

Which of you will go?

A kilo of ketchup is equivalent to two kilos of tomatoes.

Many people worry about paying their bills.


Are you out of work?


Terrance did his best.


Linda didn't even know she was expecting until her third month.

You can trust him. He'll never betray you.

She is anxious about her safety.


Hello and how are you?

He succeeded to his father's business.

We're trying to do what's right.

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Bob needed money from the bank.

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Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.

You should observe the speed limit.

The temperature falls.

Starbuck has been locked up for three years.

I disagree with you, Clark.

It looks like we got lucky.

He thought he could escape scott free with his erroneous sentence.

The company was founded in 1974.

You must wait.

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Why are you cheering for a politician?

I'll bear it in mind.

We have to be sure we're right.

I thought Jingbai had agreed to do the job.

They can't assist you if you don't have your receipt.

I told him that.

I wouldn't have expected it to be that tall.


Speak slower, please.

What you know about the subject is superficial, Olivier.

I think what Jason did was stupid.


I see you've been shopping again.

The last three weeks have been really hard for me.

The mechanic fixed my car without charging me a dime.


Seeing that her husband was feeling bad, Ana called for the doctor.

You are morons.

Oil and water don't mix.

Tulips are in full bloom now.

My mother gets up early every morning.


I never found out where Niall lives.

Listen, I'm not really interested.

This circle was drawn by a compass.

They won't care.

They decided the date for the trip.

She grew up to be a great scientist.

She is very careful, so she seldom makes mistakes.

We have freedom.

The senators were very interested in what he had to say.

They're ugly.

How many died from the earthquake?

Laurent hasn't been seen in weeks.

Maybe I'll see you in Boston.


The cuneiform script was used for more than 22 centuries.

Narendra finally left.

Why don't you just go get Amos?

Lorraine doesn't want me to help you.

Myron has a Canadian girlfriend.

I'll draw a map for you.

You won't be able to see Darrell today.

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Which do you like better, the Giants or the Dragons?

Got cancelled at the last minute. 'Deferred to next week'.

The governor ordered an investigation.

Eat with us.

He overlooked his assignment.

Irvin isn't wearing a hat.

The Oort Cloud is believed to surround our solar system and reach over halfway to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, which is 150,000 astronomical units away.

I feel better when I drink hot lemon juice.

I only did it for your satisfaction.

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Will you sell me your house?


Sassan has written three books.

I was surprised to see a lion.

You cannot live without water.

I know her sister.

The cold lasted three weeks.

I studied your religion, but I didn't like it.

The handle of the cup has broken off.

You're stronger than Shakil.

I think Spencer wants our help.

Janos has a handlebar mustache.

The new tablet costs an arm and a leg.


It was after midnight.


Wait here. I'll return shortly.

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He is far from being honest.

We hope she will take heart soon.

Is it ok if you wait just a little while?

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For the field is small, but the work is great.

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Vadim got married to an older woman.


The stress began to tell on his heart.

Dwight is charming and irresistible.

The transportation in this city is very convenient.

Shouldn't we give it to them?

It doesn't look like anybody's home.

The Congress had no money.

I rang the doorbell.

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Where's the nearest metro station?

Emil doesn't have any real friends.

Are there any questions?

I was away from home all through the summer vacation.

You had better enter the hospital.


The place is almost deserted.

He has a split personality.

"Mercy, not to Siberia!" "No mercy, to Siberia!"

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Roxanne can't hear anything.

Murph has to work tomorrow.

Please leave a message after the beep or drop some candies in our mailbox.


American movies are popular around the world.

I know somebody who's perfect for the job.

I don't know what I owe you.

You are not a child anymore.

This is a message for him.

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I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

That guy's name was Hume.

I loved your pics from the church!


Norbert posted a picture of her cookies on Pinterest.


Stevan could say nothing more.

Happiness can't be bought.

Jack looked at Bernie again.

He hasn't adapted yet to the new reality.

The first round is on the house.

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This will have to be replaced.

Philip is prettier than you.

The people pushed their way in.

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The twenty-first century starts in just a few years.

She thinks I'm jealous.

It isn't as if we were rich.


He had his tooth pulled.

Juri has many powerful friends.

Brad recently graduated from Harvard.


Since he is not an expert, his opinion is no account.


Some of the company's executives are out of town for a conference.


Michael told Russ about what happened.

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I don't like heavy makeup on a young girl.

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I'll meet you at the hospital.


Believe me, I never did anything wrong.


This is the same bicycle as mine.

The train was delayed for one hour on account of the typhoon.

Some are moderate; some are radical.

It's junk. Throw it away.

I know what my choices are.


We have two kids.


There is a large parking lot in front of the station.

I couldn't live with myself if I ever hurt you.

Insects are very nutritious and a good source of protein.

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Operation of this computer is tricky.

That was where the two armies would fight again.

Maybe the stars were not properly aligned.

I will advise you on the matter.

I'm not blaming anybody.

Sally is two years older than Ken.

Let me have a word with you.