It's now time for you to rest.

You don't need to worry about hurting my feelings.

I thought Grant had agreed to do the job.


What kind of a person is Lorien?

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Not even death can save you from me.


Luc is just plain wrong.

King was really good.

I am melting!

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Many people here take the train to work.

Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

It took me three hours to get here.


He's a glutton.

I spent last Sunday reading a novel.

He went together with her.


I'm not just here to look pretty.


The problem here isn't you.

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Maybe we should plan to leave a bit earlier.

It is doubtful whether he will come or not.

Does Irvin work here?

I got along so well with the guy sitting next to me at the pub that we ended up drinking together till dawn.

Have you ever painted this house?


We want you to behave yourself during meals.


We rented the apartment by the week.

What would Moe need?

This is a plan that takes into account your stature and your ability to guard. By all means do it for me.

He leaped over the shallow ditch.

In the stifling atmosphere, I can barely breath.

It is hard to wake up without a strong cup of coffee.

I'm not asking her.

How much will it cost to have my shoes repaired?

This is what we both wanted.


The company is open for equity participation by anybody.

They can't protect us forever.

There's a volcano emitting masses of smoke in Iceland.

Do you think you can find the time to read this before the meeting?

The exam is easy.

Sergiu's face reddened.

You can't hurt him.


I'll just walk around Boston and see the sights by myself.


It takes time to get over a divorce.

I think I hear them.

I'm drinking hot wine punch.


No one got sick.

They had a choice.

The bus burst into flames.


Is someone thinking of going to Kos next summer holidays?

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I wish I could dance every day.

Why don't you just take it back to where you got it?

The cost of living has gone down.

I didn't deserve to go to prison.

Get along with you!

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Will you take us for a trip next Sunday?

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I am sick at heart.

Another patient has died.

The poor dog was literally torn apart by the lion.


It's a feel good movie.

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You've got to come with me.

These young people are talking loudly amongst themselves and have absolutely no regard for those around them.

I'm sure you're going to like this lunch.

Don't tell her I told you that.

Can you wake me up at 7:00 tomorrow?

He asked me if I knew her telephone number.

Why would somebody hit him?

Working in the Kremlin has been my lifelong dream.

I'll look it over later.

Has anyone heard from Anton?

Your truth is not my truth.

Is it really the case?

Hebrew is my native language.

What kind of vapid comments will I get on this sentence?

What genres of music are you into?

Is Miss Dupont absent today?

You could have drowned.

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They found a secluded beach where they spent the day.


Excuse me, where is the post office?

Japan consists of four main islands and many other smaller islands.

He annoys me with questions.

Would you chew your food more, please?

Jem already had the CD that Mwa gave him for his birthday, but he didn't say so.

Claire doesn't have many books.

Roland told Presley to listen carefully, but she didn't.


How do you count to ten in French?

You look positively ravishing.

Just then, the telephone rang.

Petr is expecting someone.

Does it suit you?

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Today's the big day.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Scot might be able to make it if we go half an hour later.

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Do you think we should report this?

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We'll have a sleep over.


A woman's tears will dry quickly.


Later on I do a little exercise.

Will you take a personal check?

What a great place!

Our climate is changing.

Your opinions are right in a way.

Who gave Rayan that black eye?

He was very naughty in his boyhood.


Let's try and get there on time.

Does Hurf know any of this?

I'm more than just a pretty face.

Julianto knows how important this is to Sergio.

That's completely understandable.

The price of the picture is 10 pounds.

Vick took off his shoes and put on a pair of slippers.

He will be right.

I have them all.

Pull the string and the water flushes.

We must work hard to make up for lost time.

Isn't that incredible?

Was she always that fat?

I like shopping on the internet.

She behaved quite abominably.

He earns his living as a hotel boy.

There's no way to polish a hedgehog.

I know exactly what you're trying to do.

Tell him to take a hike.


"I am too old to swing on branches," said the boy.

We lost a lot of money.

Men's things are on sale upstairs.


The sun isn't up yet.

"How are you feeling?" "Not good at all!"

Dylan is an excellent cook.

I'm looking for a present for my mother.

Aren't you going to say hello?

My feet are killing me.

Paul is too stubborn to apologize.

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They eat shark.


Let's play it by ear.


I'm not sure it's wise for me to stay.

Do you have any evidence to prove him guilty?

An awareness of international relations is more important now that it has ever been.

Donna didn't realize that Dieter had left.

Dori appreciated Felix's help.

I am having a nap.

A button from his overcoat fell off.

He is serious when he talks about his hobby.

They respect authority.


I'm not disconnecting their printers.

I'd love to come back next week.

It's hard to tell.

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That part of the film that's very critical of the internal politics of the government was rejected by censorship.

Phiroze is my only living relative.

He is my junior by three years.

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I ran past them.


Dan was the head of the family.

I talk to him more than you do.

Everyone loves me.


Please don't leave me with him.

Hunter became a real estate agent.

I remember the horror I felt when she screamed.

Jacques and Kayvan agreed not to talk to their children in French.

Ken caught Carole.

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I presented him with a gold watch.

The horse had to be broken in before it could be ridden.

I am very much relieved to know that.


I have yet to find a perfect husband.