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Become A Surrogate

When a couple wants to use their own sperm and their own fertilized egg in the surrogate, that is known as vitro fertilization. If you would like to become a surrogate, the starting prerequisites are that you must be a mother of at least one child and you must be at least 21 years of age. If you have had a c-section and want to be a surrogate, you must wait one year before applying with us. Donors will earn a fee for donating the egg, and that fee will be paid by the couple that needs the egg. Some of our egg donors have donated eggs more than one time.

You will be expected to pay the surrogates bills for things like medical expenses. Egg donors need to be women who have already gone through child birth and want to do it again. Simply call our agency and talk to us about hiring a surrogate, if you have run into the situation of having infertility problems. You should call our agency about surrogates or egg donors, if you are having any type of fertility issues. If you have the desire to be a surrogate mother, we are the agency that can help make that happen.

It may take more than one try for a surrogate to become pregnant, and couples need to be aware of that. Generally speaking, women who consider themselves to be stay at home moms are perfect candidates to be surrogates, because they love the process of being pregnant. There will be several tests done to determine your health before you will be accepted as a surrogate for our agency. Many times you can hire a surrogate and have a baby much sooner than you can by going through the process of adoption. Whether you are looking to have a baby for yourself or you want to have a baby for someone else, we can accommodate your needs.

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