The mere mention of the term accounts receivable loan is enough to make many business owners edgy and uneasy, especially given the fact that conventional business wisdom is such that any self-respecting business owner with some degree of common sense should refrain from using loans as best as they can. However, the simple truth of the matter is that accounts receivable loan is not a loan in the traditional sense for a variety of different reasons. In the first instance, an accounts receivable loan will not require the client company, i.e. the business that happens to be the recipient of the money to actually pay back the money. In addition, there is no interest rate levied on the money give to the client company by the company that issued the accounts receivable loan. The reason that there is some degree of doubt about this very issue is due to the fact that some types of factoring agency will offer a recourse based factoring service. With this form of factoring, the factoring company will require that the client company returns the money that they were given, in the event that the client who owed the money on the invoice in question, […] read more