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July 27, 2021

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The importance of keeping your aquarium water clean

Keeping your aquarium water clean is an important first step in keeping your aquarium healthy. A dirty aquarium can quickly become a haven for algae growth, and this will inevitably lead to the demise of your fish. There are several types of aquarium filters available on the market today, but no matter which type you decide on, they all do essentially the same thing – remove waste from the water and help keep the gravel clean. Most filters use mechanical filtration and chemical filtration to clean the water, and there are also live rock filters that use biological filtration as well. The most common type of filter is the hang-on-back (HOB) filter. This type of aquarium filter is essentially a box that has an intake tube on one end and an output tube on the other. The intake tube hooks to the outside of the tank near the waterline, while the output tube attaches to an aquarium hose which can be connected directly to a faucet or powerhead. These filters also come with cartridges that are changed periodically. Most HOB filters are designed for freshwater fish and not saltwater tanks. The other type of filter that is commonly used in […] read more
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