How to get a F.F.L.– you first need to know all the F.F.L. requirements. If you do not know the requirements, The F.F.L. license application process maybe impossible to complete on your own. You will have to meet all the F.F.L. requirements as a new gun dealer. You will need to meet the A.T.F.’s standards for running a firearms business as a federal firearms license holder.

The requirements that the B.A.T.F. has set, is you must be 21 years old or older. The second requirement is you must not have any felonies on your record and no jail time of a year or more. The third requirement is you must not be charged with using or possessing any illegal controlled substance. The fourth requirement is you must not be dishonorably discharged from the military. There are more but this is the big ones.

Here are a few more requirements that deal with the F.F.L. license application. You, as the applicant can not make false statements on the application or fail to disclose any information on the F.F.L. license application. This means you must fill out the application completely and truthful as you can. The more complete and truthful you are on your application the more likely you are to get a approval. Also location that you are going to to do business must meet the federal firearms license requirements. Your location of business must follow all federal, state, and local regulations. The location must be secure and have a secure storage area for the firearms. You must have documentation that your location of business compliance with all federal,state, and local laws within 30 days after approval of your F.F.L. license application.

Meeting all the federal firearms license requirements can be a real hard task but there are people that put together all the information and instructions on the web to make the application process easier. Many F.F.L. applicant have used these web sites to help get their F.F.L.’s.

I can not tell you the importance of meeting all the FFL requirements. For more information on the FFL kit to help you with the application process. Follow the link here