Many people have recommended me to clients, friends, and family ,…. They wanted me to be hired because they knew me. And while it is always nice to work with someone you already know or were recommended by, you should always verify their work! A person’s kindness does not mean that they are good at taking pictures.

  • Ask the person who recommended the photographer how they know him. Are they family members, friends, or colleagues? Did they have any problems with him? What did they love about his work?
  • Also, ask yourself: Do you like this photographer? Each person has a different style and may enjoy images that others don’t. There are many styles of wedding photos: You can choose from Wedding Photojournalism with a focus more on candid shots or Artsy with more experimentation. Or you can go Classic with more emphasis on photo quality (posed shots etc ). Each style has its strengths, but you will only know what style is best for you! You can find out more!
  • Are you sure this photographer can make you look your best? Quality is the most important aspect in wedding photography. Dark or unfocused photos are not what you should be looking for in a portfolio. But I’ve seen photos that are technically flawless but not the best for the bride or groom. The photographer should be interested in taking beautiful photos, but also making the right decisions.You look your best! Look your best!
  • A lot of wedding photographers have blogs or sections on their websites that allow you to view a sample wedding. After shooting many weddings, anyone can create a 30 photos gallery with beautiful photos. Do they take enough photos for one wedding? You want consistency and not just one amazing shot that you see on many wedding photography websites. You can’t go wrong with this!
  • Ask the photographer about his cancellation policy, delivery time, etc. And don’t forget to ask for a written contract! This will ensure that there are no ambiguities.
  • Many people make their decisions based on price. It is an important factor and should be considered when choosing a photographer. It shouldn’t be the only reason you choose one photographer or another. Quality is not free. A $300 USD price difference can make the difference between good and poor photos.

This article should help you find the perfect wedding photographer. I also hope that you’ll have beautiful photos to cherish your wedding day! Please read this! Scottish Wedding Photographers Blog