For conceived Muslims, tolerating customs and religion comes like natural, and most don’t want to address a large portion of the things that are required or mandatory in Islam. Since they open their eyes in a climate where the mother and aunties and sisters are altogether covering their heads with hijabs and wearing baggy garments like abayas, they don’t have to scrutinize the goal. They simply track and when they grow up, they are now continuing in the strides of their archetypes. For a recently changed over Muslim however the excursion of concealing themselves is somewhat unique. In spite of the fact that when an adult chooses to follow a religion, the individual in question comprehends the intricate details of the confidence totally prior to selecting to seek after it. Simultaneously however, leaving deep rooted propensities and practices can be troublesome now and again. HIDJABS A recently changed over Muslimah I met in Chicago as of late informed me regarding the difficulties she looked in the wake of changing over to Islam. As indicated by her, in spite of the fact that she explored the religion to a serious degree, and acknowledged Islam completely with her entire being, there were […] read more