With the constant advancement of mobile technology, education is changing. People are now learning information and knowledge from mobile educational apps. There are many quality learning apps that cover different areas of the knowledge base and there are many of them in the Android Play Store. How do you find the most effective and high-quality one?

Best Educational Apps For Android

Today, I’m sharing the Top 10 Educational Apps for Android devices. This will help you learn the most important things in the world, Knowledge.

#10 – TED Talks

TED Talks lets you listen to more than 2000 talks and engage in discussion about science and technology from some of the most remarkable people. All TED Talks can be sorted by topic or mood. You can also search the TED Talks video collection with subtitle and other language. These learning apps allow you to download videos for offline usage.

#9 – Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

This app is the best for learning languages on Android. Duolingo allows you to learn English, Spanish and Esperanto. Interactive games improve speaking, reading and listening skills. You can also improve your vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons.

#8 – Memrise Learn Languages for Free

Memrise Learn Languages is a top-rated Language learning app in the Android Play Store. This app allows you to learn multiple languages using games and lessons.

#7 – Quora

Quora is the most comprehensive answers and questions portal. It helps you answer all your questions about science, tech and religion. There are thousands of specialists around the globe who can provide you with all the information that you need.

#6 – Udemy Online Courses

Udemy has a lot of video tutorials online about any subject you can think of. Get 32000+ online tips and guides to improve your programming, business, yoga and tech skills.

#5 – YouTube

YouTube is the most popular, high-grossing, and tech-trending video app for every tech device. YouTube offers easy tutorials online on almost any topic you can imagine. Millions of YouTube users spend thousands of hours each day watching videos and tutorials. Why not take advantage of the YouTube’s free tutorials and how-to guides?

#4 – Khan Academy

It is a great educational app that I like and would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn anything from a variety of subjects. You can learn history, math, science, economics and more with more than 10000+ videos. You want to prepare for college by taking the SAT, GMAT or MCAT. No problem at all. All the lessons are at your disposal.

#3 – Coursera: Online courses

You can advance your career by taking over 1000+ specialized courses with many instructors from well-respected colleges and universities. All videos can be viewed in any language and downloaded for offline use.

#2 – Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture is a great learning app for people who love the arts, culture, and artifacts. It also tells the stories behind the iconic Arts. Google has partnered with thousands museums and institutions around the globe to provide you with unlimited access to culture and arts. Get started now to get all the information you need.

#1 – Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a knowledge ocean that I don’t need to tell you about. Literally, this app allows you to search, discover, and analyze in depth any topic in over 300 languages. This app is the best Educational app and has more than 39 million content. It’s growing daily. This is amazing! Why wait? Grab this app and you’ll be an expert on your favorite subject.

Last Thought

This is the list of Top 10 Best Educational apps for Android users. The list of top-rated, high-grossing, trending and regularly developed learning apps for education is based on the following criteria: This ensures that you can learn quickly and in quality using the tutorials and step-by-step guides. Self-learning is the best method to learn and earn quality knowledge.

Which is your favorite?

This is a list of the best educational apps. Comment below to let me know which one you like best. Let me know what other learning apps you’re using.

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