Are you looking to get started selling books on the Internet? You will soon discover that finding books to sell is the easiest part of the business. Finding great books that will sell for a lot of money however is not so easy. I will give you a list of places to look, as well as how to best use these spots. In order to give you an idea that I know what I’m talking about I’ll tell you about two books that I have sold recently. The first was a book about work horses called Horse Power and Magic published by Faber and Faber in 1979. Don’t think that all the books you find should be priced at 99 cents or less. I found this book at a local thrift shop and paid, what I thought might be a little steep at the time, $3.99. It took one month for this book to sell for $125.00. Of course these gems don’t fall into your lap every day but how many other buyers walked right passed it before I picked it up? The second nice find was Decorative Art 20s published by Taschen in 2000. I found this one at a church sale for $5.00. It sold in three weeks for $80.00 and I may have under-priced it.

Here are some great places to find books to sell on Amazon.

1.Thrift Shops

Not just your local Salvation Army but other tucked away shops that not all dealers know about. Selling books on the Internet has become such a popular business that thousands of others are doing it. Most of them will frequent Salvation Army stores but only the better ones will seek out the funky little out of the way thrift shops that sell books for next to nothing. A good place to start your search is the yellow pages. Just look up thrift stores and give them a call asking if they sell books. I have 4 of these places hidden away near my place that sell great books for about 50 cents each. You also need to ask friends if they know of any smaller thrift stores. If you find even one of these spots your in business.

2.Church Sales

Here’s an insider’s tip for you. Church sales are a great place to search for books but if you’re battling with a hundred others you may not make too many discoveries. What I do is take two or three boxes of books that have not been selling (you’ll always have a few duds lying around) over to the sale a few days prior to the event. You want to get to know the guys that run these things. I always donate boxes of books to two specific church sales in my neighborhood. Guess what? While others are combing through the stock during the sale, I am listing the books that I was allowed to purchase the day before the sale started! On top of that I was invited to look through the stock after the sale and pick up for free whatever I wanted as they have a tough time storing everything for the next sale. The last time I did this I found a book on the History of New Brunswick that promptly sold for $50.00.

3.Garage Sales

When visiting garage sales you will probably bump into other dealers but most of them take a quick glance at the table and if there is nothing there they move onto the next sale. You are going to use a different angle. Actually speak with the sellers. What a concept! Last summer I saw two dealers plowing through a box of paperbacks at a sale in front of a rather nice looking home. Using my common sense I guessed that these weren’t all the books they had. I skipped the boxes and went to speak with the owner. I asked if was considering selling any other books. He ended up being a very pleasant fellow, invited me into his basement where he had two full bookcases of stock trading books. He explained that he was hesitant about selling them but that his wife would be thrilled if he cleared out the space. I made him an offer in the neighborhood of 50 cents a book and left with the whole collection. There were at least 20 books that sold for over 50 dollars each!

Sure, these are the standard places that you will always hear about but there are methods that most dealers use and there are methods you will use if you want to be amongst the better ones. As any leader does you need to think outside the box a bit. All of these methods have worked great for me and I think they will bring success to you as well. Any time you think of a place that sells books ask yourself ‘How can I get a leg up over my competition?’ And don’t be shy to go out on a limb.

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