For conceived Muslims, tolerating customs and religion comes like natural, and most don’t want to address a large portion of the things that are required or mandatory in Islam. Since they open their eyes in a climate where the mother and aunties and sisters are altogether covering their heads with hijabs and wearing baggy garments like abayas, they don’t have to scrutinize the goal. They simply track and when they grow up, they are now continuing in the strides of their archetypes.

For a recently changed over Muslim however the excursion of concealing themselves is somewhat unique. In spite of the fact that when an adult chooses to follow a religion, the individual in question comprehends the intricate details of the confidence totally prior to selecting to seek after it. Simultaneously however, leaving deep rooted propensities and practices can be troublesome now and again.


A recently changed over Muslimah I met in Chicago as of late informed me regarding the difficulties she looked in the wake of changing over to Islam. As indicated by her, in spite of the fact that she explored the religion to a serious degree, and acknowledged Islam completely with her entire being, there were various things that she discovered end up being more hard to rehearse than in principle. Wearing hijabs was one of them. She began covering her head when she changed over, as she comprehended the reason for hijabs as far as giving unobtrusiveness and security to a lady. Over the long haul however, she said that she confronted difficulties in wearing them.

She said that the most abnormal circumstance for her was to go to family social occasions wearing hijabs, as the entirety of her family members were all the while strolling around with uncovered heads as well as in obscene and uncovering garments. She said that she began to feel awkward among them as she felt that they regarded her as an object of conversation rather than understanding the fundamentals of Islam and hijabs. She attempted to clarify her confidence and its central standards to her family, yet in the end they began to project her off from huge family social gatherings.

She has been a decent and rehearsing Muslimah for right around five years now, and she accepts that the fight she battled with her internal identity to conquer her own inward shortcomings has transformed her into a more grounded adherent of the way of Allah. For her going out without the security of hijabs is outlandish now, as she completely gets a handle on the significance of the expressions of Allah (SWT). She no longer feels awkward with her head canvassed indeed is pleased and certain to stroll into any open assembling and declare that she decided to be a Muslim.

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