Von Peach is the actual creative hub that you have been looking for

It is not an agency but a creative hub. Bringing cultural change through creativity.

We help our clients find the best creative solution for their business in particular; whether it’s winning an investment, creating contents, workshops, webinars, UX designs, videos, animations or corporate photography. We help companies find their own voice and rhythm. At Von Peach, if we take a project for you, rest assured, we’ll love it like it’s our own. We create original solutions to lead your business to new possibilities and elevate you to new levels. We look at your project with passionate curiosity, and this is what makes us see things others just don’t. We commit!

At the risk of bragging, we are pitching champions. We can tell you what makes a good pitch, teach you how to pitch and ultimately we’ll win you projects! Time seems to always go by faster and the future always gets nearer but we are not intimidated and neither should you! The future inspires us; in fact we spend an absurd amount of time thinking of ways to implement our services to create a 360° creative experience to provide to our customers.

Oh! We also DO love peaches… like, actively love and consume peaches.


  • About our presentations: We’ve designed PowerPoint presentations for the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, two of world’s top insurances, banks, startups and so many more. And they all found our PPTs and service to be amazing.
  • The problem: Too much text on slides and screens is a problem for audiences and learners alike. You just can’t read and listen at the same time.
  • The solution: Beautiful compelling storytelling visuals, with a clear structure, help your audiences and learners to understand and remember your content.
  • How we work: Our service process is bulletproof. In fact, we involve our design professionals at every stage of the process to create beautiful slides that reflect your business requirement the best. Moreover, it’s as simple as it’s effective. Like pasting text into a Microsoft PowerPoint template.
  1. Send us your content
  2. Get Time & Cost Estimates
  3. Approve Design & Style
  4. Deliver your WOW presentation
  • Great looking presentation in 48 hours: That’s right. Why waste valuable time searching for free PowerPoint templates or freelance presentation designers online that will only make your critical PowerPoint slides look standard and theme based when our team of professional graphic designers can deliver unique ppts thanks to years of experience in presentation design.


  • About our programs: Our education and training programs balance research-based evidence with highly interactive and practical instruction in a multi-media format including presentation, video, case studies and practice.
  • What we offer: Trainings and workshops for small and big teams of people. Our trainings have been going on both online and offline. We have given workshops too corporates, medium sized companies and startups.
  • Why are we different: Our trainings and workshops are fun .No boring presentations and trainers speaking for hours lecture style. We like interactive, playful, funny experiences which both of us will remember.
  • Staff and Team Training: We provide a wide range of education and training multi-media workshops ranging from one-hour lunch & learns, to half-day and full -day workshops to multi-day intensives.
  • Communication workshop for Leaders: Examine key concepts of communication theory and practices including: communication biases, communicating through behavior, delivering praise, persuasive communication, and compelling presentations to hone your communication style and increase your impact.•Different formats to fit your company culture:
  1. Online trainings
  2. Face to Face office workshops
  3. Offsite Brainstorming sessions
  4. Offsite team building sessions
  5. One to One sessions


We turn ideas and emotions into your next winning project

At Von Peach we can fully realise the creative potential of your ideas and celebrate their uniqueness. At the heart of our process there is listening; this means that we collaborate with our clients from the very first meeting to the final creative application until your brand is ready for life with its new and fresh look & feel.Let’s jump into the 4 phases of branding with us:

Let’s jump into the 4 phases of branding with us:

  1. Strategy: At this stage, we ask looooots of question. We analyze your business, understand its purpose and we dig deep to bring to light its potential.
  2. Identity: This is the step that our peachy experts consider the most fun and daring because we build the foundation of your brand. Here we go all in with our art direction skills in order to create breathtaking visual elements (naming, logo creation, color palette, variety of visual assets, brand look & feel).
  3. Experience: All the visual elements and research become touchpoints for the construction of a tailored communication strategy. This stage includes activity management, social media, UX/UI interaction and direct mail marketing.
  4. Advice: At this last stage, we bring you behind the scenes to give you some real-life tips and advices through trainership and after-project assistance. We show you how to run projects smoothly, how to deal with your audience, how to set long terms goals and how to value your brand’s success.

Don’t panic! It seems like a hell of a job (well…actually it is) but you have entrusted a team of passionate, hard working and professional peaches.

You can rely on us, wheter you need a whole branding action, brand refresher, personal branding, rebranding or just one or some of the above mentioned phases.


Good stories can’t be found everywhere, that’s why you need exceptionals storytelling hunters.

At Von Peach we get carried away by feelings. Emotions are what moves us, what drives us to be better at our job, what makes us humans. There are no tricks, that’s our only secret and thanks to this we turn every story into a good story.

As master storytellers, we craft authentic narratives in order to deeply connect with your customers. Storytelling might be the right service for you if you wants to be remembered and prevail over the competition by creating an ad-hoc and striking imaginary for your clients. Our ultimate goal is to get people excited about your brand through the use of words, speeches, graphics, images and videos that are able to drive emotions, engage intercommunication and motivate you audience to action.

At Von Peach we want to offer you the most suitable service for your needs; this is why we approach it with three different methodologies:

  1. Storytelling: We create stories that transform projects into leading brands through the power of words. Storytelling gives you the opportunity to connect emotionally with your customers, telling them about yourself through emotions and feelings. We will guide you through a path to tell your story in the best possible way, establishing your brand values and offering a unique experience.
  2. Visual Storytelling: Visual storytelling is the ability of telling a story that through writing, images and music creates a unique visual scenario able to conveys the values of a brand. Creating images is easy but telling a story through images is much less so, this is why you must entrust your brand to expert hands.
  3. Personal Storytelling: What prevails in personal storytelling is authenticity, people expect to hear a different story, something that differs from others but at the same time a story that it’s keeping its truthful heart. Through our writing and words we get into the emotional sphere of our protagonists and we make people passionate about these stories. This is the right service for you if you are willing to make your life-time adventures known to the world; you will be assisted for the whole process by a caring team of peaches that will turn your story from zero to hero.

Content creation 

Content creation is a fundamental phase of every creative process and it’s the right service for companies or individuals that are looking for the WOW effect to schock their audience. Our team is made of expert designers that will meet every of your needs in order to create the next best winning graphic for your social media, websites development, user experience or online advertising. We crafted all our contents based on our client’s specific goals and we make sure to elevates their brand message and what they want to communicate though beautifully constructed visuals.

We apply content creation to five specific services:

1. Social media: Through social media marketing, we connect brands and people through well-planned strategies. We believe that a good social plan is not purely aimed at promoting a product but rather is about listening, sharing experiences and transmitting the ideas and values of your brand to your target audience. We’ll work alongside you to find compelling, incisive and short formats that help you optimize your time and working methods and that can inspire action and engagement among your followers. But be mindful! Our approach is not just about visuals…we bring you data! In fact, by establishing together the objectives we are able to measure the index of your success as well as your ROI (return on investment) and we will show you some tricks of performance marketing and how to mantain it in the future.

2. Sound experience: This tool is really underused by many creative companies but at Von Peach we ensure you that, if done in the right way, it can become a succesful tool of customer acquisition. We thought of various formats through which you can bring this experience to your audience: it can be trough the creation of a podcast; a spotify playlist or either the creation of a story that is told through a unique voice that you can use on various media (website, socials, video promo, etc).

3. Website development: Whether you need a website or just a prototype, it should be anything less than professional and sexy for the eyes. That’s why we’re here to tell you that your website is the online window through which the customers decides wheter to step into your business or not. When we design, there is nothing more important to us than the user experience, that’s why we would never create a website that isn’t easy to use, customer-oriented and visually appealing.

  1. Creative writing: We offer a wide range of creative writing services, spacing from writing articles for your blogs or business to writing description for your products, social posts or website. At Von Peach we are able to ghostwrite on different platforms giving your customers a seamless experience by matching your company’s tone of voice and creative style. We always produced original contents that get into the hearts of readers and narrow the distance between them and the brand.

5. Innovative content creation (3D/AR/VR): For the most daring we offer an exclusive service that looks to the future and innovation of content creation. Via this service we build powerful and customizable visuals that ranges from creating an augmented reality experience to a VR set of filters for your social uses and from the creation of 3d videos and photoshoot to a gamification implementation in your brand.

Event management

At Von Peach we take care of every details of your event; from services coordination and conference registration to every design aspects. It’s not just about us bragging, but rather about the fact that we’ve organized events for the biggest pharmaceutical and insurance companies in the world. Our aim is to make your event unforgettable and that’s why we will not allow you to leave the room (wheter it’s physical or digital) without a standing ovation. Our process isn’t just about event planning or event management but we turn every boring corporate meeting or conference into the most fashionable event. For sure we take care of all the logistics and organizational aspects, but we also blend it with a tailored concept design and a 360° user experience. Little by little, you will see all the pieces come together, and that’s where magic happens! We make every pieces of your event come together smoothly in order to ensure your audience the best possible experience. But our work does not stop there, after the event we will provide you with a detailed debriefing, a booklet containing the branding of the event as well as a 30 second trailer with the best moments of the event.

Creative direction

At Von Peach, we apply creative direction to everything we do. From the smallest task such as creating a pitch, to the biggest ones such as building a full coordinate image. Our team is made of clairvoyant, in fact for us art direction is really about overseeing it all, brick-by-brick we create the perfect home for your brand to shine. Adding creative direction skills to your projects can lead to a highest level of quality and awareness since we are connecting with your audience on a deeper level while boosting your brand image. That’s why we believe that art direction is the right strategy to adopt in this era, without a winning idea behind a brand or a project, visuals and marketing would appear incosistent and dry. This service will benefit evey business; from corporate giant to small start-up that are looking for a clear vision and strategy for their brand; whether it’s just about the right use of colour or choosing the right visual style for your next campaign.

How we work:

  • Flexible structure
  • Open and continuous communication
  • Transparency and empowerment

Visit our site here www.vonpeach.com